Reese Witherspoon I’m not

I finally got that much-needed haircut Friday.

Am I the only one who’s at a loss when the stylist asks me what I want done with my hair?

Used to be, I had the luxury of a regular stylist. Back then, I could say, “Do what you think will look best” or “Surprise me” without worrying I’d end up looking like Don King or Sinead O’Connor.

I don’t have the money for regular salon visits anymore, so I go to the place that’s nearest when I decide to get a trim. I can’t remember the last time I saw the same stylist two times in a row.


When I stopped in Friday and heard the dreaded question, the picture that popped into my mind was this one of Reese Witherspoon. (I saw it on Pinterest not too long ago and thought her hair looked great. Of course, she’s just super-cute anyway. I can’t wait to see her latest movie, “This Means War.”)

So I opened my mouth and out popped the phrase “side-swept bangs.”

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it was in the comment field on the pinned photo.

The stylist knew what I was talking about, though, because soon I had bangs that looked like this:

My "side-swept bangs"

Uh yeah. Here’s where the title of this post comes in: Reese Witherspoon I’m clearly not.

How does she get so much volume?

Oh well. At least my dead ends are gone. The stylist had to cut about 4 inches to get them all.

And I think I need to banish the horizontal-striped turtleneck from my wardrobe.

Have a great weekend, folks. I know I will: I have plot group in the morning and today’s my last day of work before v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n.

5 thoughts on “Reese Witherspoon I’m not”

    1. Hmm. After living with them for a few more days, I’ve decided they’re very hard to pull off. But since the Boyfriend read my blog post, he’s started calling me “My little Reese.” 😉

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