Vacation=Break from blog

A vacation blogging break is not what I’d intended, but it’s exactly what’s happened. You could say I’ve been busy enjoying life, rather than sitting on my butt, blogging about it.

Sunday, the first day of my vacation, I spent quality time with the Boyfriend. Since I’m leaving him for five days starting Wednesday, we needed the alone time.

Yesterday, I camped out at the Camp Verde Starbucks to get in some quality writing time. I’m not sure how much I’ll get done at my brother’s later this week, so I wanted to accomplish as much as possible on my novel. (I’ve decided to totally rewrite the ending. Again. Bleah. But when I’m done, it’ll be a much stronger story.)

Today, it’s more writing and Boyfriend time. Then on Wednesday, I hop on a plane to Salt Lake City to see my brother … and finally meet my almost 1-year-old niece. Can’t wait to load up on Little Hittle cuteness.

P.S. The low-carb eating is still on track. No bad carbs have crossed these lips, even with the Boyfriend waving his mashed potatoes and gravy at me last night.


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