Progress Pictures




I’ve come a long way, baby! Here are some pictures of where I was and where I will be again.



Highest known adult weight: 306

Atkins starting weight: 276

Atkins ending weight: 169

WW starting weight (2nd attempt): 248

WW goal: 170

Personal goal: 160

Doc says: “150 wouldn’t be out of the question.” Yeah, right.

5 thoughts on “Progress Pictures”

  1. Guess one reason I love your blog is I feel we are kindred spirits along with thousands of other women around the world. It’s that yo-yo diet thing we do. I believe you are VERY determined this round, as I am, for our final commitment to take it off and never, ever let “The Feeder” get to us again. Good luck.

  2. Hi! So excited to stumble upon your site! I too lose a lot of weight last year – 80+ pounds depending on the day. I go up and down 5 lbs here and there. Anyway, good job and way to keep at it!

    Curious – do you like WW more than doing atkins? Which was easier for you? I lost half my weight through WW and LOVED it. Still do! πŸ™‚

    ps “Losing weight is easy…if you are in coma” cracks me up!!! lol.

    1. It’s hard to say which I liked more. I waffle … some days I wish I were still eating the Atkins ways, and others I look back and wonder how on earth I could stand it. Right now, I’m doing the Health Magazine CarbLovers plan in conjunction with WW and I’m enjoying it a lot.

      1. I was wondering the same thing about WW vs. Atkins. My family is starting up Atkins again for the fourth year attempt at it. We always end up gaining the weight back when we fall off the bandwagon. I thought maybe mid year I could switch from Atkins to WW. Just wondering how that may affect the weightloss.

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