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Fun with Stitch Fix

The last time I was regularly blogging, Stitch Fix was all the rage. I remember Tina talking it up over at Carrots N Cake, and I was super disappointed that—at the time—they didn’t carry plus sizes.

Imagine how stoked I was when I visited Stitch Fix’s website again several months (or years?) later and—ta-da—they now DID offer plus sizes.

I signed up immediately and last week I got my 10th Fix. I subscribe to the quarterly boxes—five items per box four times a year. There’s also a monthly option, which I can’t afford … especially now that I’m underemployed. (You pay a $20 styling fee for each box, which you can use toward anything you keep from the Fix.)

My stylist hit it out of the park! I loved every single item and ended up keeping all five of them, netting myself a very nice discount. When it’s cheaper to keep all five than to keep a couple and send the rest back, you know you’re getting a steal.

As I was trying on the items in my latest Fix, I had a realization: trying on clothes is FUN again.

Things look pretty good on this 50-pounds-lighter body, and the jeans fit comfortably right out of the box.

I’d call that a major NSV.

I remember, while I was dating my ex (The Boyfriend) and gaining a lot of weight, going into a Ross Dress for Less and walking out in tears because nothing looked good and I hated having to try on bigger and bigger sizes.

That, my friends, is no longer a problem.

Not only does Stitch Fix come right to your door (at least it would if my apartment complex were accepting packages. Thanks to COVID, I have to drive to the post office package facility to pick up my box when I get word the package has arrived.), but the stylists really listen to your preferences and send great picks.

I’ve noticed they tend to send you new items that work with other items already in your closet, too.

I’m wearing this kimono and T-shirt again today!
I was feeling poor when this Fix arrived, so I ended up sending the bottom two tops back … though I still kinda wish I’d kept the brown one on the right.
Love the high-low hem on this dress!

Stitch Fix has even pushed me out of my clothing comfort zone. I got the jumpsuit below last fall.

You can tell I’ve lost some weight since then. Yikes!

My first thought as I pulled it out of the box was that it was a(nother) cute floral dress. (I get those frequently.) Then I unfolded it and—to my horror—found legs.

Now, I’ve been a rather vocal critic of jumpsuits since they’ve been making a comeback in stores. The last time I owned one, it was cotton-candy pink and I was a freshman in high school. It had capri-ish legs and pleats at the hips and …

Shoving aside that awful memory, I made myself try this one on anyway … and much to my surprise, it looked halfway decent. I decided to keep it and wore it to the YBBBS grand gala. Having pockets as I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, corralling auction items like it was my job (because it was), was extremely useful.

From time to time, I’ll order something featured in the “SHOP” section of the Stitch Fix app. It puts together looks that it thinks I’ll like—the suggestions change daily, several times a day … the better to hook me.

And it works!

I ordered this top a la carte. It’s s-o-o-o soft and comfortable!
I ordered the blue shoes a la carte as well … and soon after they arrived, I started working from home. No need for chunky heels while I’m sitting at my kitchen table!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love for Stitch Fix. If you sign up using my link, we both get $25 when you check out for the first time.

So feel free to click below so you, too, can have fun with Stitch Fix.

The struggle continues

My Weight Watchers meeting was Thursday night. At least I lost the 0.2 I gained at my LAST WI.

But that was it. My total loss currently stands at 34.4 pounds—and I can’t say I’m excited to stay on-plan.

I’m determined to do it, though. I want to break back into the 250s.

Dinners like the one I have planned tonight will help. I’m making the Greek Zoodles with Chickpeas recipe from this weeks WW Weekly pamphlet … except I’m using canned chickpeas, which should make the recipe a 0 Point dinner.


I put the zoodles in a colander before I left for Starbucks, which is where I’ve spent the afternoon. Been working on editing a new novel so I can release it before the Payson Book Festival in July—that way I’ll have a new book to sell!

Exciting! It’s been a long time since I’ve finished a new book.

In other author-ish news, I just added LinkTree to my Instagram account. I’m going to try to be more active over there. Check it out. 

Speaking of being active, I just discovered it’s been more than a year since I added a new post on my author blog.


So many things to do…and when I’m not at work, all I seem to want to do is binge on podcasts and crochet. One recent project:


I finished that one, but I currently have two other afghans and two sweaters in progress. Pinterest has become the place I not only pin recipes I likely won’t ever get around to making, but also crochet and quilt projects I’ll never have time to finish.

Quilt and a haircut

I picked up a new hobby in the year-plus I spent away from blogging. Thanks to my friend Nanci, I’m now a bit of a quilter. And on Sunday, before the Super Bowl, I finished my first full-sized quilt top.

My 1st Quilt
Jelly Roll Race quilt, with some squares thrown in for fun. The green border makes the colors pop.

I kind of love the bright colors. Because it’s sized for a full/queen, it’s too big for my current twin-sized daybed. But I hung on to my queen bedframe, so when I move into a place with a bedroom big enough for a queen, I’ll be all set. Well, I’ll have to buy a new mattress first … but then I’ll be golden.

This is the first piece I’ve sewn together with a machine. My last two projects, a table runner and a small wall-hanging type quilt, were all hand-pieced. But this time, I borrowed Nanci’s machine. Made the sewing go SO much faster!

Next, I need to buy the batting and backing material. I have enough of the bright green left to do the binding (I hope).

How about that Super Bowl? I was at work, so I only got to listen to the game with my back to the TV. Nevertheless, I was a bit pissed when the Falcons blew their huge lead—but that’s because I am NOT a Patriots fan. In fact, they’re probably the team I hate the most, followed closely by the Cowboys. (That hatred developed in the ’80s. America’s team, my ass.)

Anyway … Let’s move on to more fun stuff.

Instead of meeting up with a friend to mall-walk this morning, I spaced our standing appointment (after calling out sick last Monday) and scheduled a salon visit at the same time. That sucks because now my day’s step total will be low …

But the haircut was much-needed. I feel so much better without my bangs flopping in my eyes. Although, it looks as if I haven’t given up on replicating Reese Witherspoon’s sideswept bangs.



Hard to tell with me all bundled up in the Dec. 31 photo, but I think I can finally see some difference in my face.

Approximately 20 pounds down.

Only another 120 to go … but that’s another story, right?

One low-carb meal at a time. I’ll get there one choice at a time.

I’m totally committed to my new low-carb life. Having limited choices makes sticking to the plan so much easier. It always has.

I just wish I’d remembered it sooner.