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Kitty and a movie

Remember that show, “Dinner and a Movie”? It may have been on TBS (or TNT). While they aired a movie — usually an 80s classic — two “hosts” served up dinner … along with lots of cheesy comments before and after commercial breaks.

This blog post title called it to my mind, at least. 😉 But my mind has always made mysterious connections.

Please pardon two missing days of Project 365 photos. I was busy (with both work and play) and  simply didn’t find anything to shoot. Even today, it was another “shoot the cat” moment.

Spirit doesn’t look like she minds too  much, does she?

I sure hope not.

Where does the movie come in? If you look closely, you can see part of my VHS collection on the shelf behind Spirit. My movie tastes run toward comedies (“Grosse Pointe Blank” and “The Full Monty”), romantic comedies (odd that there are none in that section of shelving) and flat-out romance (like “Gone with the Wind.”)

One of my all-time favorite flicks, mostly hidden behind Spirit’s ear, is “Heathers.” That was one darkly twisted but funny movie. And Christian Slater was definitely channeling Jack Nicholson, don’t you think?

“Pump up the Volume” is another good Christian Slater movie, with some fantastic music. It introduced me to Concrete Blonde. What can I say? I have a long-standing thing for troubled, bad-boy types.

It’s been a busy few days, and I have lots to blog about (including the  Salsa Chicken I made from a recipe from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers … and the new approach to food Jenn and I chatted about Thursday.

But right now, I’m falling asleep over my keyboard. Those things will have to wait. They’re not going anywhere, after all.

Decluttered corner

I’m calling Monday’s Project 365 photo “Decluttered Corner.”  Once I cleaned off the nightstand, it remained clean. After work, I tackled another segment of my messy room — one of the bookcases.

Stuff was tossed. Books were gathered up for a used bookstore run. An old cell phone with charger will get donated to Verizon.

I gathered a whole bagful of trash. Hell — I even dusted the top of the bookcase before I put stuff back up there.

Of course, now I have the sniffles from kicking up so much dust. Guess you can’t win ’em all. 😉

Sight to behold

I saw a whole herd of deer this morning.

This photo, one of two I snapped through my windshield, doesn’t do them justice. There were at least six of them, meandering across the road near the Boyfriend’s (old) place. They weren’t in much of a hurry. No, they acted like they owned the road. (Typical of deer in my experience.)

At first, all I saw was a blur in the left side of my windshield. I thought some dogs were out for a run. But then I realized my mistake: Dogs aren’t nearly that large.

They were far enough from the car — and I was driving slowly enough — that I was in no danger of hitting them.

All in all, it made for a pleasant surprise on a Sunday morning.