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Carb cycling: What say you?

My roommate ordered a new diet book, which her dog then proceeded to attempt to destroy. Teeth marks and all, it has me intrigued. Written by Chris Powell, the fitness expert behind … Continue reading

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A #WIAW with perfect timing

Day Three of tracking with My Fitness Pal is in the books, and it went pretty well. I was 300 calories under my allowance for the day. Ended up eating … Continue reading

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I’m still standing

… Barely. Healthy living is such a struggle for me these days. I have no motivation. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. I mean, I know the things I need to be doing … Continue reading

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Sliding into Home is out and about

Hi, all. Long time, no blog. But this time I have an excellent excuse. I’ve been busy getting ready for the release of Book 3 of my Love & Baseball … Continue reading

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I have a new rallying cry

Call it a rallying cry … or a mantra … or words to live by. No matter what you call it, Theodora‘s recent post, “On ‘Listening to Your Body’” is pure inspiration. … Continue reading

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Walking in an autumn wonderland

On Wednesday, I did something I’ve wanted to do for several years: I took a hike through a grove of maple trees in Oak Creek Canyon. As you might imagine, … Continue reading

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(F)unemployment, Week Three and a new venture

Welp … just finished my third week of being (f)unemployed. It’s already getting old. I’ve been writing quite a bit—almost have a novella wrapped up. But the ending has eluded … Continue reading

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Starting over again — again

Long time, no blog. You know what that means … I’ve been struggling for too long. Drowning in a sea of “I can’ts” and “don’t wannas.” I’ve stretched myself too … Continue reading

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Losing weight is easy …

... if you're in a coma, maybe. Most of us have to work at it — every day and every minute. It's not easy to make the right choices, to drink water instead of (diet) soda, pick the grilled chicken sandwich instead of a burger or choose to get up and get moving instead of lounging around in bed. After too many months of making the wrong choices under the guise of dabbling with paleo eating, I've re-joined Weight Watchers (online). My choices may no longer be low-carb or Whole30 or paleo, but the concept is the same: I'm still getting closer to my goal weight one choice at a time.

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