Skeptical of roasted radishes no more

So … I tried something new for dinner today. Over the weekend, I’d made Italian beef in the crock pot. (It’s a simple hunk of beef—I had a chuck roast—and some bell pepper slices seasoned with a TON of Italian seasoning.)

Since I’m not eating bread, a sandwich is out. That left me with the problem of what else to have with the beef.

Potatoes? Nope.

Rice? Not that, either. Sure, I could have made a batch of cauliflower rice, but I still haven’t checked whether my Cuisinart blade is one of the ones under recall. Besides, I didn’t feel like it.

Enter tonight’s new find: roasted radishes.

Italian beef and roasted radishes

I decided to pick up a bunch of radishes at the grocery store Sunday after reading online that roasted radishes tasted like potatoes. Still, I was skeptical. I put raw radishes on my salads only rarely, because I’m not fond of the peppery bite.

Setting aside my doubts, I halved the radishes and threw them in a baking dish. I added some quartered whole mushrooms thisclose to going bad. Then I tossed them in a tablespoon of EVOO and seasoned with sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper and roasted them in the oven while I finished breakfast and showered.

I packed up the radishes in one container and three ounces of Italian beef in a separate one. Even when I popped the lid to reheat dinner, I was leery. The radishes didn’t LOOK anything like potatoes. How could they possibly taste like them?

But Leanne at Healthful Pursuit has been talking them up for a while now. Her website features more than one recipe for roasted radishes:

Roasted radishes with chives, thyme and rosemary

Roasted radishes with fresh herbs

I love Leanne—and her podcast, “The Keto Diet Podcast”—so I set aside my doubts and speared one with my plastic fork.


Surprise! It was delicious!

I’m still not sure it tastes exactly like a potato, but it tasted great in its own right. I’ll definitely be making another batch of roasted radishes—maybe soon. After all, I still have lots of leftover Italian beef.


3 thoughts on “Skeptical of roasted radishes no more”

  1. I don’t think I ever would have thought of roasting radishes. Wonder if I could get any of this group to try it. (Our food processor is part of the recall. I still haven’t done anything about that.)

    1. Maybe if you don’t tell them what they’re eating before they try it … Although the radishes do still retain that pink color from the skin. I wouldn’t want to try peeling them. You’d be in the kitchen all day!

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