Fast Friday Five

Perhaps I should title this post, five snapshots of my life lately.

Anyway, here goes:

Satisfries— I’m that girl. Yeah, I tried the new Burger King Satisfries. When I saw the first tweets about them, I thought it was a joke—and then I read an AP story about the release. I’m old-school that way: Seeing it in the national media legitimized the story. I decided I had to taste them at least once, so I headed to Burger King and got a value-sized order.

My verdict? I like them better than Burger King’s regular fries. And no, it’s not necessarily because they’re lower in fat. They’re bigger and more potato-y than the regular ones, almost like steak fries … and did I mention they’re crinkle cut? I’ve always been a sucker for crinkle-cut fries.

— Turquoise Morning Press emailed me yesterday with release dates for my next two Love & Baseball novels: BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER will come out in March 2014 and Untitled Book 3 (the one I’m writing now, which I might start calling SLIDING INTO HOME) will come out in April 2014. Just in time for a new baseball season!

2013-09-19 18.26.53 2013-09-20 13.16.42— Starbucks is truly my home away from home. My two home bases are in Flagstaff and Camp Verde … although I do miss the Sedona Starbucks. I wish the Boyfriend still had an apartment there.

Wherever I go, I can find one and write to my heart’s content. These two Bux were in Mesa (left) and Chandler, and I got just as much done there as I’d have finished at “home.”

— I have an uncanny ability to upgrade my iPhone months before they release a newer version. I got my first one, an iPhone4, and the 5 came out a few months later. I upgraded to the 5 and now there’s a new 5 and 5c.

Guess I should read trade magazines or something so I’m more in tune with the new releases, eh?

— I’m tired. Life’s stressful and only going to get busier, with more book releases in my future. I’m at a place where weight loss just isn’t a priority right now. (Trying MizFit’s terminology.) Although higher than I want in the 240s, my weight is holding steady for the moment … so at least I’ve stopped gaining, a topic Ashley recently wrote about).

Struggling with weight loss? At least stop gaining. (Straight from the mouth of celeb trainer Jillian Michaels, Ashley said.)

I can’t help but feel if I had more hours in the day, I could do everything I want to get done. But working 40 hours a week, I have limited free time … and right now, it’s devoted to writing.

Someone want to send me a winning lottery ticket so I can quit the day job and write full-time? I’ll share the lottery winnings with you. Promise!

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