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Being my own valentine

Why yes, yes I do have the Boyfriend. But this post isn’t focusing on romantic love for someone else. Today — and every day, I want to concentrate on loving myself.

I did a bit of that during Tina Reale‘s 30 Days of Self Love campaign, back when her blog was still called Faith, Fitness, Fun. In fact, that series was how I first discovered Tina’s blog — and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Have you heard signup for the next round of Best Body Bootcamp starts in March? (This time, I’m getting back in on the fun.) You can check out some of my reflections here.


The HealthysELF challenge is another way to love myself. See? It’s right there in the button, which emphasizes all the pieces of a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve gotta admit: Loving myself is HARD. I often feel too clumsy, too big, too slow to grasp seemingly simple concepts. Sometimes I swear I’m the only 41-year-old on the planet who hasn’t worked out her issues with food/exercise. Eating well, moving daily and sleeping lots are also no walk in the park.

Slowly, I’m coming to realize the things all you younger, wiser bloggers are trying to teach.

I deserve to be my own valentine. We all do. You don’t have to be a “perfect” size 6 to take care of yourself … to treat yourself (and not necessarily to food) … to enjoy life.

So get out there and do something nice for yourself today. I know I will.

Dose of inspiration

In keeping with my 2011 goal of de-cluttering, I picked up the January 2011 issue of Fitness magazine — the one with the article featuring a few of my favorite bloggers.

Never mind that a year ago, I didn’t know that Julie, Tina or Jenn existed. Now, I check each of their blogs regularly.

Each one gives me something different … something that helps me see something in a new light or inspires me in some way.

I’ve gotten some great recipe ideas from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, including the Peanut Butter & Apple Granola Sandwiches I tried back in September. I also love to check PBF for the latest pictures of Sadie … such a cute dog!

I can’t even begin to quantify what Tina’s Faith Fitness Fun means to me. I started reading her blog in September, when she did the 30 Days of Self Love series. Though we don’t seem to have much in common on the surface (she’s about to be a mom for the second time while I’m childless; she’s religious and I’m decidedly not), I often find myself chuckling or nodding in agreement when I read posts like this one.

Tina has the kind of attitude toward eating and exercise that I want to have. Plus, she’s the one who introduced me to two great new blogs via the blogger gift exchange.

Tina also introduced me to Jenn at Live Well Fit Now, when she mentioned Jenn was giving away free coaching sessions. Because I was struggling at the time, looking for something to pull me out of my rut, I jumped at the chance. I clicked that link and e-mailed Jenn, figuring there was no way she still had spots left … but she did. My free month of coaching has led to more coaching — and I think I’m on the verge of a making intuitive eating work for me.

Thanks, guys. Even if we’ve never met in person, you’ve all become an integral part of my life.

To you and all the other great bloggers out there with ideas to share (among them Roni of Roni’s Weigh fame, Tina at Carrots N Cake, Melissa at A Better Bag of Groceries, Julie at Savvy Eats, Heather from Then Heather Said), I say, “Keep ’em coming.” I need as much help and support as I can get.

Reflection on forgiveness

Tina’s 30 Days of Self-Love Reflections posts continue to amaze me for the new ways in which they make me think.

A recent post (I’m playing catch-up) was on forgiving yourself.

She writes:

We have no reason to punish ourselves. Consequences for our actions and decisions will always exist, but we are not the ones to determine them and harm ourselves. If something screws up one day, don’t feel the need to drown yourself in negativity. Recognize what could change and work to do your best to improve the situation from that moment forward, without punishment. Dwelling on the past and our weaknesses does absolutely nothing for our lives.

She asks us to think about things we have trouble letting go of, or ways we try to punish ourselves.

Very good questions, the pair of them. My initial response was that I don’t.

But then I started … well, reflecting … and I realized that I do try to punish myself. Every time I eat something I think I shouldn’t, I punish myself by continuing to eat other “bad” things.

One meal or snack that doesn’t fit into my plan won’t hurt. It’s when I let that one choice negatively influence the rest of the day’s choices that I end up getting into trouble.

And I think I do that to punish myself for what I deem a slip-up. Instead,I need to forgive myself for eating (whatever) and move on.

Easier said than done, I know. But I’m going to give it a shot. It certainly can’t hurt. 😉