On the struggle bus

I do not like the struggle bus, yet I find myself on an extended ride.

My weight continues to bounce around the 250s, as it has since March.

Our sweet neighbor brought us brownies AND cake over the long holiday weekend, and I’ve been partaking of both. Too much of both. (She bakes desserts for local restaurants … and they’re GOOD. You can taste the real butter and sugar in those brownies.)

I didn’t hit my monthly step goal for August, instead falling 5,389 steps short. My September goal is off to a rocky start as well, because I had an extremely lazy Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, I didn’t even break 2,000 steps.

That means I’m at an average of 4,400 steps/day, but I need 5,800 steps/day on average to hit September’s modest goal.


On the plus side, I managed 8,042 steps on Monday, courtesy of a trip to the grocery store and a long after-dinner walk… so I can turn that around.

One of my WW leaders, Brent, gave me some advice last week when I shared my struggles: Decide how bad you want it. (One plus of the pandemic is that I can go to Zoom webinars several times a week, and I now have more than one great coach to turn to for advice.)

I think Brent may have pinpointed the problem. In addition to being in the middle of a problematic pandemic, I’ve gotten (more than) a little complacent.

I mean, I’m down more than 50 pounds. I sometimes catch a glimpse of myself in a reflective surface and am pleasantly surprised at what I see.

Some days—okay, MOST days—I want the brownie, or an after-dinner run to Dunkin’ with my boyfriend, more than I want to see success on the scale.

And yet … and yet …

That’s not entirely true. I DO want to see the scale move downward. I still have 75-ish pounds to lose before I hit my goal. And I want to hit my goal and make lifetime so I can stop paying WW money. With my COVID-induced hours cut, money is scarce and getting moreso.

That means it’s time for an attitude adjustment. I already said I’d be honestly tracking in September (and then promptly tracked nothing last Friday-Sunday).


I’m back on the honest tracking wagon as of Monday, and we planned out our dinners for the week.

Breakfasts will be either Overnight Oats or an egg & cheese breakfast sandwich … and I’m planning to make Pound Dropper’s Pumpkin Spice French Toast Casserole this weekend. Lunches will most likely involve turkey sandwiches. I love the Boar’s Head Aloha Hawaiian Turkey.

Perhaps this plan will help me exit the struggle bus. I may also go back to #mywwgreenplan … I’ve done all three, and recently switched back to blue because I resent counting eggs on green (and I HATE egg substitute). I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to green though, because it might help me break into the 240s.

Fingers crossed!

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