Quilt and a haircut

I picked up a new hobby in the year-plus I spent away from blogging. Thanks to my friend Nanci, I’m now a bit of a quilter. And on Sunday, before the Super Bowl, I finished my first full-sized quilt top.

My 1st Quilt

Jelly Roll Race quilt, with some squares thrown in for fun. The green border makes the colors pop.

I kind of love the bright colors. Because it’s sized for a full/queen, it’s too big for my current twin-sized daybed. But I hung on to my queen bedframe, so when I move into a place with a bedroom big enough for a queen, I’ll be all set. Well, I’ll have to buy a new mattress first … but then I’ll be golden.

This is the first piece I’ve sewn together with a machine. My last two projects, a table runner and a small wall-hanging type quilt, were all hand-pieced. But this time, I borrowed Nanci’s machine. Made the sewing go SO much faster!

Next, I need to buy the batting and backing material. I have enough of the bright green left to do the binding (I hope).

How about that Super Bowl? I was at work, so I only got to listen to the game with my back to the TV. Nevertheless, I was a bit pissed when the Falcons blew their huge lead—but that’s because I am NOT a Patriots fan. In fact, they’re probably the team I hate the most, followed closely by the Cowboys. (That hatred developed in the ’80s. America’s team, my ass.)

Anyway … Let’s move on to more fun stuff.

Instead of meeting up with a friend to mall-walk this morning, I spaced our standing appointment (after calling out sick last Monday) and scheduled a salon visit at the same time. That sucks because now my day’s step total will be low …

But the haircut was much-needed. I feel so much better without my bangs flopping in my eyes. Although, it looks as if I haven’t given up on replicating Reese Witherspoon’s sideswept bangs.



Hard to tell with me all bundled up in the Dec. 31 photo, but I think I can finally see some difference in my face.

Approximately 20 pounds down.

Only another 120 to go … but that’s another story, right?

One low-carb meal at a time. I’ll get there one choice at a time.

I’m totally committed to my new low-carb life. Having limited choices makes sticking to the plan so much easier. It always has.

I just wish I’d remembered it sooner.


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