Not much happening this week

I’ve been quiet this week because I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary. Just cook, work, sleep, wake and do it all over again.

The good news is, I’m down another 3.2 pounds … for a total of 16 pounds gone since I recommitted to the low-carb lifestyle on Jan. 1.

I want to say they’re gone for good.

However, being a realist, I know I’ve been there before. I gave away all my “fat” clothes when I lost 110 pounds in 2003-05 — and then I had to buy all new clothes when I regained the weight.

I know, the argument is that if you hold onto the larger sizes, you’re setting yourself up to fail. It’s like saying “I don’t believe you can make the change stick.”

But, despite all my wishes to the contrary, I’m not a rich woman. My budget can’t take that kind of hit again. So I will hang on to my clothes.

And I’ll be happy when I can relegate them to a dusty box in storage, never to be worn again.

Progress pictures:

Me, joining the crowd.

Me, joining the crowd.


The one in the blue hat was taken Saturday at the Prescott Women’s March; the one in the hood and two scarves was fromNew Year’s Eve.

Not so sure I see much of a difference — yet. But I do see a desperate need for a haircut.

Perhaps I need to try taking a photo where I’m not wrapped up in multiple layers of scarves.

Tell Mother Nature to get right on that, will you?


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