Still going strong on Day 5

There was leftover pizza in the break room all afternoon, and I didn’t touch it. Okay, I did lift the lid and peek at it, only because everyone else was eating it and it smelled fantastic.

But I didn’t take a slice, even though technically, I could have pulled off the toppings and eaten them.

I call that a victory!

I think my resolve was strong because last night, I rolled over in bed without any aches or pains. That hasn’t happened in recent memory.

NoSodaMy attempt to swear off diet soda has not been quite so successful. After foregoing it on Sunday and Monday, I’ve had a can of Diet Dr Pepper each afternoon, starting on Tuesday. (Work stress has made it necessary. Trust me.)

I didn’t buy any on my last trip to the store, but I still had most of a 12-pack stashed under my desk at the office — and I was glad to have it!

Oh so glad.

Guess I can’t break all my awful habits all at once. And considering I’d been downing two or three cans a day, especially on work nights, I’ll take the reduction to one.

Breakfast today was another stack of FitViews pancakes, referenced here.

These, of the Sweet Cinnamon variety, tasted just as excellent but they looked a bit more camera-ready. I even topped them with a pat of butter and a tablespoon of chopped pecans. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a photo. I thought of it about halfway through the stack, and decided not to shoot my half-eaten breakfast.

I have standards, after all!

My lunch break is nearly over, so I’ll stop here. Just wanted to check in and report I’m still doing great.

It feels different this time, like I’m more committed than I was the last time I tried to go back to low-carb eating. Hopefully, a year from today, I’ll be able to say “Day 370 and still going strong.”


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