Day Three and feeling fine (Or, yummy low-carb pancakes for breakfast)

Brace yourselves: The magic of low-carb eating has kicked in: I’ve walked past a tray full of homemade cookies (including my fave—peanut butter) at least ten times without being tempted once.

Last week, I’d probably have sampled a cookie with every pass.

There’s also bread and cake in the break room that I’ve been able to resist. It’s an excellent start.

I also noticed that I felt pretty spry getting out of my car at the office. (A very good sign.) I’m still slightly achy sometimes, but I’m hoping that’ll subside as the crappy carbs work their way out of my system.

I’ve had two kitchen adventures in the last 24 hours—one successful, the other not so much.

Last night, I tried making a batch of those famous Oopsie Rolls. The recipe seemed easy enough: beat egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff, fold into egg yolks beaten with sour cream and bake.

Maybe I got lazy and didn’t get my egg whites stiff enough. Whatever happened, my “rolls” all ran together and made more of a flatbread. It was tasty enough when I used it on a burger for dinner, but I’m going to try again and see if I can get the promised light, fluffy rolls.

This morning, I made the Low-Carb Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes from FitViews.

Mine may not have turned out as pretty as the ones in Kerri’s picture, but they were delicious! And only 6 Net Carbs in the batch.


Why yes, that IS a Millennium Falcon pencil sharpener on the table.

I’ll definitely add the recipe to my repertoire. I’m also looking forward to trying Kerri’s Sweet Cinnamon Low-Carb Pancakes and Hot Cocoa Low-Carb Pancakes.

On the writing front, I’m so excited. I wrote more than 1,500 words yesterday on a brand-new project … and then jotted down another page and a half on paper as I watched TV last night. That’s the most I’ve written in a day for months!

Hopefully, it’s a sign I’m getting my writing mojo back. I had a pretty crappy writing year in 2016. Yes, I managed to publish two books and two (free) short stories … but my year-end stats tell a different story: I wrote less than 40K. For an ENTIRE 12 months.

That’s not the best way to succeed as an author.




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