Still plugging away

I’m here with a  quick check-in post. I lost 0.4 this week, bringing my total lost since re-starting Weight Watchers to 14 pounds.

So far, it’s been painless … this week’s small loss is due mainly to too many Girl Scout cookies and a lack of serious tracking.

I put the rest of the cookies in the deep freeze, where they’ll remain until I can eat just one. (At 3 SmartPoints apiece for the Samoas and Tagalongs, more than one is crazy!)

And I’m recommitting to tracking everything I eat — whether it looks impressive or not. Lax tracking leads to catastrophic thinking … like “OMG, that piece of lasagna I just ate had to be 50 points” when it was really  more like 12.

Some things just aren’t as bad as you fear.

Words to remember this week (and always).


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