First week back on Weight Watchers

I marked a week on Weight Watchers last Friday… with a 5.8-pound loss.

Yes, I realize it’s not all real weight. A lot of it was probably water. Still, it was nice to see the scale move in the right direction. And it happened without a lot of trouble. I had one day where I was pretty hungry and wanted to eat All. The. Things. Otherwise, I ate at mealtimes and was reasonably fine in the times between.

I was going to post a few pictures of the week’s eats, but for some reason, my Dropbox isn’t automatically uploading when it connects to the WiFi at my place. So they’re still stuck on my phone. #goodtoknow

If you follow me on Instagram (@arlenehittle), you might have seen them. If not, and you want to follow me, hop on over. I’d love to see you on IG. The more, the merrier!

My choices have been tons healthier than the choices I’ve been making with no plan in mind. And I feel much better. Still a bit achy, which probably means I need to lay off the wheat/grains/carbs. However, I can make that shift later—after I clean up my diet by focusing more on veggies/fruits and less on junk.

SmartPoints #ftw.




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