Lack of planning is not my friend

I’ve been tracking my eats these past two days, but not really trying to watch what I eat — more than the simple act of keeping a food journal makes me stop and think twice about what’s going into  my mouth.


It didn’t keep me from stopping at McDonald’s on my way in to work today for a late lunch. Or from getting both a fish sandwich and grilled onion cheddar burger. I did get the medium fries, though. No super-sizing for me.

This lack of planning habit I’ve gotten into is not helping me at all. I leave the house at around 11 a.m. or noon, sit at Starbucks until after 3 and then cruise through a drive-thru to pick up something to eat when I get to work.

What I should do is spend a little more time at home to whip up a delicious, tasty, homemade lunch that I can eat either at Starbucks or at my desk at the office. Or at the very least, aim for healthier fast food options, like the Jimmy John’s Unwich (sandwich, no bread). Those are delicious.

Maybe these ideas will help: 11 easy lunches to lose weight  A couple of them look pretty tasty.

I know I can’t simply swear off fast food. Telling myself “you can’t have that” is a sure way to make me want it all the more.

Perhaps I need to give myself permission to eat it, thus rendering it less attractive. As it stands now, I feel like I’m “cheating” or being bad when I cave. How I can cheat on a nonexistent diet, I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because I constantly feel guilty for not following any kind of diet …

Moving to Prescott may help. I’ll have access to Trader Joe’s for quick, healthy meals. At least that’s the plan.

It’s been bone-chillingly cold here in Flagstaff since the New Year’s Eve snowstorm. I seem to have developed some kind of cold. I thought I was going to sneeze my brains out of my head at Starbucks this afternoon. Took a Zyrtec in case it was allergies, but it seems to be a good, old-fashioned cold.

Starting my new job Monday with a stuffed-up head and red nose? That oughta be fun. Not.


2 responses to “Lack of planning is not my friend

  1. My home made lunch success or failure seems to be on a weekly basis. When I take the time on the weekend to figure out what to eat and buy the ingredients, the week blazes by in healthy, stress free bliss. When I don’t, I can’t seem to change directions mid week. Very frustrating and very expensive. Good luck with your menus.

    • Thanks! I haven’t been good about sticking to it yet — but tomorrow is a new day. There’s always a chance to start fresh, right?

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