Is this progress?

It’s been a week since I started logging eats again—and I’d call my attempts moderately successful, at best.

Nutrient Breakdown 111014 Calorie Chart 111014Yes, I had five days UNDER the weekly calorie budget set by LoseIt. But the two most recent days (a weekend, unsurprisingly) were OVER.

Still, each day was less than 300 calories over, so that’s progress. I tracked it and moved on, trying to make better choices the next meal.

Today, for example, I had a freebie at Starbucks—and instead of a  Frappuccino, I got a Caramel Macchiato made with nonfat milk. A non-scale victory, for sure.

As for the nutrient breakdown, I clearly haven’t transitioned to either low-carb or low-fat. My gut tells me I’m less hungry when I eat fewer carbs. I also don’t have the sugar cravings.

So here’s the plan, health coach-approved. I’m going to cut back on the carbs S-L-O-W-L-Y. First up? Aiming for 50 fewer grams of carbs each day. That’s a range of 125 to 150 a day—higher than Atkins, for sure…but also a lower level than I’ve been consuming. That can only be good.

I’m going for fewer starchy white carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes) and more nutritious whole grains (quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes). You know, the kinds of things everyone should be eating.

That’s debatable, of course. Some folks don’t believe in eating any grains. I’ve tried the paleo thing—I spend way too much time in the kitchen when I’m doing the Whole30.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially this month. November, in case you’ve forgotten, is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I’m attempting to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Right now, I’m about 6K behind…and falling farther because I’ve got freelance editing jobs coming in.

Editing is still my primary income. Found out the other day I was denied unemployment benefits, and my severance pay isn’t going to last. Had to spend nearly $300 to take Cocoa to the vet a couple of weeks ago.

The good news is I’m about to start a part-time job. Between income from it and my editing jobs, I should get by. Plus, I’m getting ready for another book release in March, and heard word just today of another book contract in the pipeline.

Fitbit Steps 111014As always, activity is still a work in progress. Some days, it’s no problem to hit my meager step goal (5,000). Other days, I struggle to break 3K. (On days I write more, I walk less. Big surprise there, eh?)

Sometimes I think “If only I could afford to join a gym”… but then I think “Yeah, right. Like you’d go.”

I was super excited to see Lindsay and Elle are spearheading Elf4Health again this year. It starts Monday, and I can’t wait. It always provides an extra push to stay healthy during the holiday rush.

I plan to blog here at least once a week. If you don’t see me, give me a shout out on twitter (@arleneawl) to hold me accountable.

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