(F)unemployment, Week Three and a new venture

Welp … just finished my third week of being (f)unemployed. It’s already getting old. I’ve been writing quite a bit—almost have a novella wrapped up. But the ending has eluded me all week, which is frustrating me beyond belief.

I applied for unemployment benefits this week—and now I get to jump through hoops to get a meager weekly stipend. One of the hoops? I have to prove I’m seriously looking for another job. At least four days a week dedicated to job searching. Whoopee.

AH-mazing Copy EditingSince I don’t want to get stuck with just any job, I’m hanging out my shingle as a copy editor. AH-mazing Copy Editing at your service.

With 20-plus years in journalism, I certainly have the experience for success.

I can and will copy edit and proofread manuscripts, term papers and blog posts.

That’s right, blogger friends. If you want me to proof a blog post for you, I’ll do it—and fast. I’m guessing I can turn it around in less than 12 hours. Maybe even sooner, if I get the email and am somewhere I can access the post right away.

Let your blog “voice” shine through without the typos. I’ll proofread a post of 500 words or fewer for $5, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Posts from 501-1000 will be $8. Anything 1,001 or more will cost you $10. Remember the speedy turnaround time.

Email me at arlene.hittle.author (at) gmail (dot) com to nab a spot on my editing schedule.


AH-mazing Copy Editing


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