Starting over again — again

Long time, no blog.

You know what that means …

I’ve been struggling for too long. Drowning in a sea of “I can’ts” and “don’t wannas.”

I’ve stretched myself too thin, trying to do too much and doing most of it not well.

I’ve been focusing on my writing career, which is going very well, thank you. But that success has come at the expense of healthy living. I spend most of my time on my butt in Starbucks, writing away and eating/drinking too much.

That is about to change.

I’m losing my day job—sadly, not by my choice. As much as I’ve complained about work and said I wanted to quit, I had no plans to actually DO it until I could support myself with my writing. (And that day is still a long way off.)

However, the corporate powers that be have decided it makes more sense for someone in friggin’ Nebraska to lay out the pages of the (Flagstaff) Arizona Daily Sun…so I’m out of a job, starting Thursday. I’ve started looking for something new, but no luck yet.

This morning, the scale showed me a number I’d never wanted to see again. 300 pounds.

My own fault, I know. I’ve been riding the “I don’t care” wagon for much, much too long. Stuffing my face with crap. Complaining but not taking action.

This morning, I started cleaning up my diet. Again. I’ll be leaping back into the low-carb thing—the only diet that’s ever worked for me over a long period of time—as soon as I clean some of the carb-filled stuff out of my pantry. (I’m soon-t0-be jobless. Can’t just toss the junk—that’d be a waste of food.

Until I do, the plan is to keep my daily net carb consumption under 100 grams.



5 responses to “Starting over again — again

  1. Ugh, so sorry about your job. I’ve been trying to whip myself back into shape as well. I rant and rave here on WordPress now as I fight with exercise equipment and carbs. Good luck to you, I know it’s such a struggle!

    • Thanks, JM. I’m thinking about consolidating all my blogging in one place — on my other website. We can fight carbs together!

  2. I didn’t know you blogged! And I guess this is the last post here. I support you on the beginning again, again. I lost 77 pounds in 2011. Then had a complete emotional freak out and spent the next year gaining over 100 pounds. Still with me two years later. To new beginnings!

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