Can’t stop poppin’

There was a time I considered myself a sweets eater. Given a choice between sweet and salty, I’d always take the sweet.

Nowadays, though, I find myself leaning toward salty snacks more and more. While I was eating with no brakes, that meant sour cream and onion Pringles, cheddar sour cream Ruffles and salt n vinegar chips from the Maverick across from the office. While I’m on a low-carb diet, chips are off limits, so I turn to nuts—salty, delicious nuts.

But now that I’m back on Weight Watchers again, chips are no longer a no-no. (Thank goodness! Life’s too short to skimp on chips.)

Enter popchips. They’re like potato chips, only better, because the makers of popchips have figured out how to halve the fat without sacrificing any of the flavor.

Given the “eat all the junk” attitude I’ve copped for far too long, I hadn’t picked up a bag of popchips  in about a year—until last weekend. I bought a bag of my favorite, salt and vinegar, when I spotted them on sale at Bashas’. And I proceeded to eat them (over the next several days) without sharing any with the Boyfriend.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. He tried one and didn’t like the tangy salt and vinegar bite. What’s wrong with that man?

My rediscovery timing couldn’t have been better, because the very same day, I got an email from Eileen at popchips. The company’s “more to love” campaign celebrates new, larger bags—providing consumers with “more to love” just in time for the summer snacking season.


I actually noticed the “15% more” emblazoned on the bag—another thing that prompted me to pick them up. (The first? I remembered them fondly from my last stint on WW. Katy’s Kettle Corn, Sweet Potato and Sweet Thai Chili were among my favorite flavors.)

Brand new, 15% more to love bags of deliciousness mean more of the great flavor you expect from popchips, more chips to share with friends and family (Ha. They should be so lucky.), and still only half the fat of regular chips. Better yet, they’re the same great price.

That’s right. Summertime and the snacking is easy. (I didn’t come up with that line, but I kinda wish I had.)

Available in flavors such as sea salt and barbecue potato, and nacho cheese tortilla, popchips will keep you looking cool and feeling satisfied. Whether you’re picnicking in the park, heading out on summer vacation or relaxing by the pool, popchips has your summertime snack needs in the bag.

Want a chance to win a date night, courtesy of popchips? Share your popchips love at Tell them when you first fell in love with popchips.

was it love at first bite? was it a particular flavor that made your heart pop? or did you whip up some dynamite recipe using popchips that impressed all of your friends? we want to know the who, what, when, where, and why of your popchips love story! visit or tweet/facebook/instagram us using #moretolove and share your story for the chance win a sweet (potato) date night!

You can see my entry—just look for my name, Arlene Hittle, and FB avatar (the cover for my Beauty and the Ballplayer).

15% more to love bags weren’t the only popchips discovery I made thanks to Eileen. There’s also a blog with recipes that feature popchips. These Valentine’s treats look crave-worthy. But sweets aren’t the only things you can make. popchips apparently make an excellent substitute for breadcrumbs. Check out the blog here:

I think I found some new recipes to add to my Pinterest boards.

Disclosure note: Popchips offered to stock my pantry with a month’s worth of snacks for writing this post. But all opinions about the product are mine. I really do love popchips, or I wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to write the post.


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