#WIAW: The Back on Weight Watchers Edition


That’s what the scale said Saturday afternoon when I finally stopped making excuses and re-joined Weight Watchers. Yeah, I realize that’s not at all far from my highest known adult weight (306). And I don’t really want to discuss the gain.

Suffice it to say, I’ve been eating with abandon for too many months. Now it’s time to pay the price of all that indulging. I simply can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want it, without gaining weight—because what I want isn’t good for me. Cue this post, inspired by one of Theodora’s.

I tried going back on Atkins a few months ago. It lasted about three weeks, and then I went back to my bad habits. Somehow, the thought of drastically reducing my carb count doesn’t appeal. I’d probably be okay with it after the first few days—it always seems to work that way. But … well, I plain didn’t want to.

However, doing nothing is no longer an option, so I thought I’d try a kinder, gentler option. I’m still on the WW email list, and they’ve been sending me “Come back now and save 50%” messages. Who can resist a bargain like that?

I started Weight Watchers again Sunday, paying for three months, and am now doing the Simple Start two-week plan. It’s based on the “simply filling” technique: No counting, little measuring. Merely eat “power foods” from the list, which includes lots of fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains, and allow for 7 Points’ worth of “indulgences” a day.

I have a phone app that serves up meal and snack ideas, complete with recipes for one, making the process of choosing what to eat a lot less painless. And so far, I haven’t eaten anything I’ve hated. I’ve been enjoying MORE food but eating fewer calories.

Maybe this time, the whole “eating for volume” lesson will stick. But only if I can reconcile spending extra time in the kitchen. Part of my problem is that when I’m writing, I feel that’s what I should spend ALL my spare time doing. Cooking just isn’t a priority, and in fact, I resent stopping work to cook.

Note I didn’t say EATING was a problem. I have no trouble breaking to eat. 😀 Of course, I often eat with one hand on the keyboard and one wrapped around a burger, so I can work while I’m chowing down.

Today is Wednesday, and you know what that means. In true What I Ate Wednesday fashion, here are some of my eats from the last couple of days. Note they’re more colorful than my last couple of WIAW posts. At least I’m getting in plenty of veggies …

Veggie Omelet & toast

Breakfast on Day One was an omelet with onions, bell peppers and cheddar, served alongside a toasted Sandwich Thin. A cup of tea accompanied the meal.
Veggie burger with fruit salad

Dinner on Day One: A veggie burger on a light English muffin, topped with cucumber and roasted red peppers. Side: A fruit salad made with 1/2 an apple, a banana and a couple of strawberries. It might not look like a lot of food, but it was really filling. I contemplated putting part of the fruit salad back in the fridge. Maybe next time.

Taco Bowl

Monday night’s dinner was a “Taco Bowl.” I threw it together using some of the stuff I prepped Saturday night. In the mix: brown rice, canned tomatoes (I didn’t have salsa), 3 oz. beef for stir-fry, a couple handfuls of mixed greens and some cheddar cheese. It was surprisingly delicious. Salsa probably would have been better, though.

Eggs scrambled with veggies

Tuesday’s breakfast: eggs scrambled with onion and peppers, served with roasted butternut squash (also prepped Saturday night).

Easy egg salad with pretzels

A small snack at work: a hard-boiled egg mixed with mayo and mustard. I scooped it up with pretzels.
More fruit salad

More fruit salad. It was part of my lunch (another veggie burger), but I was in a hurry to leave the house and get to Starbucks. I was already running late. So I packed it up and ate it between lunch and dinner.

Italian Bowl


Tuesday night’s dinner was an Italian Bowl (another of my own creations). In the mix: more brown rice, canned tomatoes, chicken, broccoli, bell peppers and mozzarella. I also added a squeeze of Gourmet Gardens’ garlic and basil. This was even tastier than Monday’s Taco Bowl.

Unpictured: am Eating Right brand raspberry ice cream bar (they were cheaper than the WW brand) and a Yoplait light in orange creamsicle flavor. Yum.

I’m loving the meal ideas in the Simple Start plan. It’s nice to have someone else think things through for me—frees me up to think up my next story.


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