Sliding into Home is out and about

Sliding Into Home | Arlene HittleHi, all. Long time, no blog. But this time I have an excellent excuse.

I’ve been busy getting ready for the release of Book 3 of my Love & Baseball series, SLIDING INTO HOME.

It hit e-bookstores yesterday, and now I’m ready to get back to the business of losing weight. Really, I am. I’m tired of being tired all the time, and I know my diet plays a huge role in that. I eat way too much junk, and spend too much time/money eating out.


If you want the deets on my newest book, visit my author website,

It’s doing pretty well on Amazon so far.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 12.25.19 PM

Happy dance! I can now say all three of my books are “Amazon bestsellers.”

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