Low-carbing it again

In case you missed my tweets, I took the plunge last week: I went back to the low-carb diet that has served me so well in the past.

Every time I do this, I swear I don’t know why I ever stopped. Yet whenever I’m not doing the low-carb thing, I can’t imagine giving up  bread, pasta, potatoes, cake, cookies and donuts (OMG, the donuts!).

It’s taken me months to get to this point — something close to seven or eight of them. Ever since last July, when I gave up my subscription to WW online to “do it for free” with an online tracking app, I’ve been telling myself I should jump back on the low-carb wagon. But because I didn’t want to give up the foods mentioned above, I balked. Repeatedly.

I flirted with intuitive eating (mostly an excuse to keep eating crap) and really did have some success with Jamie’s Good Life Challenge. The scale kept climbing.

I’ve delayed making this change for far too long. My weight has crept back up to the “dangerously high” range. (When I weighed in for the challenge at work, I was back up to 279. That’s 3 pounds higher than I was when I started Atkins the first time, back in 2003.)

Well, that’s what happens when you’ve been chasing junk food with more junk for six months.

It’s long past time for me to face the facts: I don’t miss the crap carbs once I’ve been low-carbing it for a few days and I don’t do well with “everything in moderation.” For me, there is no “just one bite” of some foods. One bite leads to many. Leads to chasing one donut with a bag of chips from the vending machine at work because “I need something to cut the sweet” and “I’ve already blown it, so why not?”

When I’m eating low-carb, there’s less question about what to eat. When I stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for iced coffee on the way to work, donuts are off the table. Sitting at Starbucks to write before work? Pastries don’t tempt me because I know I can’t have one. Movie popcorn — even the smallest bag — just isn’t happening. The Boyfriend does less pushing me to eat stuff because I can stop him with a simple “not low-carb.”

Now that’s power! 😀

Better yet, I don’t feel deprived. It’s hard to feel deprived when you’re eating so much good stuff.

A low-carb tortilla topped with tomato paste, veggies and ham make an excellent low-carb dinner.

A low-carb tortilla topped with tomato paste, veggies and ham make an excellent low-carb dinner.

My Jimmy John's "Unwich" came wrapped in its own little jacket to keep it from making a mess.

My Jimmy John’s “Unwich” came wrapped in its own little jacket to keep it from making a mess.

No kidding. I’ve said this before, I’m sure, but it bears repeating: The low-carb diet is the only diet I’ve ever been on where I’m not constantly thinking about my next meal and hungry All. The. Time.

I don’t need to snack as much. Hell — I can even forget to eat. (And that NEVER happens on other “healthy eating plans.”)

Take today, for example. I rolled out of bed at 10:30 and had a low-carb shake and cheese on my way out the door to Starbucks.

It’s now 2:30, and I’m only beginning to feel a little hungry.

Low-carb eating makes eating out much simpler, too. If I’m in a grab-and-go situation, it’s either a salad with some kind of meat or a sandwich with no bun. There’s no debate. No “I’ll just have a small order of fries.” No letting that small order of fries lead to adding a milkshake and/or apple pies.

So much easier.

I’m relieved.

I stocked up on some Atkins products at Walmart Thursday night after work and shopped for lots of fresh produce and meat at Sprouts Friday.

On the menu this week: Meatballs (an Atkins.com recipe made with three kinds of ground meat) and Sloppy Joe-Stuffed Peppers. Both can be frozen for meals in the future, too. I also picked up some pre-made blue cheese and scallion-stuffed hamburger patties that looked tasty. Breakfasts for the most part will be egg and veggie scrambles or Atkins shakes or bars.

Lunches are a bit of a struggle, since I usually pick something up when I leave Starbucks to head to the office. I hope that buy buying lunchmeat and cheese, I’ll be able to avoid forming fast-food burger (no bun) habit.


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