Fun but fattening weekend

Chocolate BenefitsSo … I spent Saturday in Glendale, Arizona, at my first book signing. It was at the Chocolate Affaire, an event celebrating — you guessed it — chocolate. You can read more details of the signing experience on my writer’s blog.

Would you believe I didn’t eat any chocolate at the Chocolate Affaire? There’s something wrong with that.

I did eat plenty of junk, though — a Rueben sandwich, an orange Creamsicle float and a bratwurst with onions and lots of yellow mustard. And that was on top of the iced coffee, donut and salt n vinegar Pringles I consumed on the drive down to the Valley.

Wait. I can’t say I had no chocolate whatsoever. I did eat a lone chocolate-covered strawberry given to me by the mayor of Glendale. He stopped by our table and passed them out to everyone.

Smart man. Give me chocolate and I’ll remember it come election time.

But I did not have the chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick that I wanted … or even a chocolate-covered banana — also on a stick. It was funny to watch grown men stroll by the romance writers’ booth carrying phallic-looking chocolate-dipped bananas. The sight could easily spawn a scene in my next novel.

The Glendale mayor (who looked a bit like Kenny Rogers) wasn’t the only celebrity I brushed elbows with. I also got to meet Cap’n Jack Sparrow.

Cap'n Jack

That was fun.

Not so fun? Looking at the picture and realizing how out of control my weight has gotten again.

What a wake-up call. I really need to re-start Atkins or something.

Too bad I have this lovely 2-pound box of Cerreta’s chocolates to remember the event. The sponsor gave them out to all the romance writers, along with a keepsake tote bag. Writers get some pretty sweet swag, too! 😀

Bloggers aren't the only ones who get swag.

Bloggers aren’t the only ones who get swag.

Mint meltaways rule

French Mint Truffles rule

Maybe I’ll take the box of candy to the office and share. But I’m not giving away the French Mint Truffles. Those things are to die for.

They’re just as good as the Mint Meltaways my grandma used to get from Fannie May.

Anyway … it’s been a long, exhausting weekend. (I pulled over in Munds Park to take a nap on my way back up to Flagstaff Sunday. I couldn’t keep my eyes open to make it the last 20 minutes.

So I’m going to get to bed now. And I’ll try to remember to turn on the FitBit sleep mode. I’ve forgotten for the last several nights.

Grr. I can’t get data on sleep habits if I forget to track my sleep.


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