Back to the ’80s

It feels like I’ve taken a step back in time this week. Starbucks has been piping ’80s hits through the sound system. Peter Gabriel, OMD, the Eurythmics, XTC …

Ah, memories! Take me back to a simpler time.

And because I had Tuesday night off, I got to go to the movies for a “classic cinema” screening of an oldie but goodie.

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles. On the big screen, the way it was meant to be seen …

It. Was. Glorious. I ❤ Jake Ryan. And Farmer Ted—and his geeky little friends. What a trip to see John (and Joan) Cusack when they were so young.

I remember the first time I saw Sixteen Candles. It was also at the theater, a heck of a lot cheaper than $8.50, I’m sure.

I was in middle school (I think sixth grade). My Girl Scout troop went into Fort Wayne. We went after school, and had dinner at Chuck E Cheese before (or after) the movie. I used my game tickets to buy a grape-scented mechanical pencil … the kind with the pre-sharpened nibs that you used up and stuck in the top end to push down a fresh one. I used that pencil to fill an entire notebook with a teen romance. I remember a lot of descriptions of the “cool” clothes my heroine was wearing … like a white mini-dress with a wide black belt. (Thank goodness my writing skills have improved!)

I seem to recall there being a thunderstorm, too, because the car we were in was driving in the rain and we talked about the possibility of the car getting hit by lightning before we could see the movie. I assured them my dad said that we were safe because of the rubber tires.

Or maybe that was a different trip altogether. The memories do all seem to be jumbled up in my mind as a single trip, though.

We were pretty shocked at the naked girl in the shower. Looking at it now, it’s not shocking in the least … but back then it was a BIG deal. I do wonder how the movie got a PG rating, though. PG-13 wasn’t invented yet, I’m guessing.

The bad news? I had Tuesday (and Wednesday) off because I have to work Saturday. Another page designer quit, so I’m stuck working Saturdays until we get a new guy up to speed to replace him. 😛

I am off on Saturday, Feb. 8, though. I already had unbreakable plans: I’m attending my first book signing as an author!

Print copies of DIVA

I’ll be at the Chocolate Affaire in Glendale, Arizona, from 2 to 10 p.m. Feb. 8. I ordered a bunch of print copies of DIVA IN THE DUGOUT to sell.

My name looks good on a book, doesn’t it? 😀 This is the first time I’ve gotten a good look at the print book—and I LOVE it. It’s beautiful. So much fun!

More fun is forthcoming: I’ve been combing through the galley of Book 2, BEAUTY AND THE BALLPLAYER.

Book 2, coming in March ...

Book 2, coming in March …

It releases in e-book form in mid-March. (No current plans for a paperback. I got paperback copies of DIVA, which was to be e-book only, because I entered it in the RITA and needed them for the judges.)

The eating/exercise front has been a mixed bag. I faced the scale (278.6—blergh) a week ago Monday, kept a food journal all week and managed to lose 5 pounds by Monday. But I’ve been more lax with the journaling (and eating well) this week.

See the bag of popcorn I ate Tuesday night? Hey — at least it was only a small.

Sidewalk by MaverikI walked a mile or more three times last week, and once so far this week (Wednesday). Plus, on Wednesday when I got home from Starbucks, where I spent my day off writing/editing, I told myself I had to walk to the Maverik if I wanted a Diet Dr Pepper.

It’s not far from my house, but it did give me an excuse to sneak in some extra steps. #wycwyc, right?

For far too long, perfection has been bringing my diet down. If I can’t eat perfectly, or work out for 30 minutes or more, I might as well not even try.

Yeah, well, you see where that got me. I’m back up to the weight I was when I started Atkins the first time, in 2003.


I need to remember that perfection isn’t necessary. Consistency is the key.

And throwing in the towel is not an option.

I’ve worked too hard for too long to become a published author. I want to be around to enjoy it, not eat myself into an early grave.


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