Feeling human again Friday Five

Thanks for listening to me whine earlier in the week. Now that I’m finally starting to feel human again, this should be a much more upbeat post.

Today was our office holiday party. It was fun. Good food and a White Elephant gift swap. Last year, I just watched. This year, I decided to participate.

At first, I unwrapped a Santa hat and cool Camera Lens Mug. But someone stole that from me, and I ended up with a hodgepodge of goodies that included a chocolate-covered marshmallow pop, a flashing-lights necklace, “naughty” and “nice” knee socks, a pouch of Capri Sun and these …

White Elephant Gift

Pickle-flavored candy canes. Yes, pickle. (You can see the socks and Capri Sun in the background.)

Now, I love a good pickle. I do. The summer I turned 2, my mom and grandpa canned a ton of pickles and I ran around saying “pickle, pickle, pickle” so much that the neighbors started calling me “Pickle.” It didn’t stick, thank goodness.

As much as I like pickles—the garlickier the better, I wasn’t sure what to think about pickle-flavored candy. It was a little scary, to be honest. I ended up splitting one with a curious co-worker. The verdict? Surprisingly not bad. I’m not sure I’d want to eat a whole one at once, but a small piece is OK.

Now there’s a way to ensure eating in moderation, eh?

I suppose it’s only fair, since my gift included a “weird” food, too. I wrapped up a microwavable ceramic mug with lid, some Ferro Rocher chocolates and a can of Pringles … Pecan Pie-flavored Pringles.

Anyway … Let’s move on to the Friday Fives.

Top 5 ways I’ve been wasting time

  1. Minion Rush. My roommate just introduced me to this game today. Addictive, I tell you. I tend to run smack-dab into an obstacle within the first 10 seconds, but I’m getting better.
  2. Candy Crush. Still. I’ve been stuck on Level 191 for a week or more.
  3. Watching ID shows. With titles like “The Devil Next Door” and “My Dirty Little Secret,” how can I resist?
  4. Teaching myself to knit. I tried this once before, but my (plastic) knitting needle broke. I’m working on a turquoise and purple scarf.
  5. Words with Friends. Hmm … I’m noticing a time-wasting theme here.

Last 5 new foods I’ve tried

This one’s harder than it sounds, as I’ve spent about a  week eating like a 4-year-old. I wasn’t being too terribly adventurous before that, either.

  1. The aforementioned pickle candy cane.
  2. Gourmet mac and cheese. Dan’s Gourmet Smoky Chicken Bleu, to be exact. Tasty, but I’m not sure it was $5 worth of tasty.
  3. A new-to-me Muesli Fusion flavor: An-Ox. As much as I love Muesli Fusion, I was not a huge fan of the rehydrated berries in my overnight oats.
  4. Oloves Olives (more on this soon).
  5. Chia Pod. (Just chia seeds, coconut milk and blueberries. Decent snack, but weird texture.)

2013-12-20 01.13.45Five last-minute gifts I wouldn’t mind getting (from Walgreen’s, no less)

I did a little window-shopping while I was scoping for White Elephant gifts. Some of my finds:

  1. A deluxe microwave bacon cooker (from the “As seen on TV” shelves)
  2. Miniature frying pan (big enough for one egg or one sandwich)
  3. A microwaveable ceramic soup mug. (I kind of wanted to keep that one for myself.)
  4. Foot massaging machine
  5. A genuine “A Christmas Story” Leg Lamp. If only I had somewhere to put it …

Leg Lamp!

On that note, I’m out. Catch you next time, hopefully with an even more improved mood.


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