New experiences, new challenges

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. Been busy trying to launch my holiday novella, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, which went live on Amazon on Monday … and edit next spring’s Love & Baseball stories … and eat well and exercise.

One of those things is not like the other. And I bet you can guess which one isn’t getting done as often as it should. I’m trying to get back on track, though, and I’ve signed up for several challenges to help me do it.

The Lean Green Bean

Because I had so much fun with The Lean Green Bean’s and Nutritionella’s Elf for Health program last year, I signed up again. Met my elf, Melissa, and we’re having a grand time with the challenges.

As I write this Wednesday night, I plan to complete Wednesday’s challenge, to try a new workout, Thursday morning. I’m headed to my first-ever Jazzercise class—assuming, of course, that I manage to haul my butt out of bed at 7 a.m. to be there by 8.

I’ve also signed up for Jamie Mendell’s Good Life Holiday Challenge.

In this holiday challenge, I’m not going to tell you to go brush your teeth after dinner so that you don’t eat dessert. I’m not going to tell you to run 3 miles every morning and “just do it”. I’m not going to tell you to go for the green beans instead of the stuffing.

Because that’s no fun, it’s not realistic, and I don’t believe that it’s really living.

I have to admit, when I read about the challenge on Glenneth’s blog, I was intrigued. Y’all know I’ve been flirting with intuitive eating (as I understand it after reading the IE book). But it scares me, and I decided to count carbs instead (until two weekends ago when I started eating uncontrollably again. I haven’t been able to put on the brakes. Keep telling myself I’ll start tomorrow.).

This is Day 3, and it’s already been an eye-opening experience. I’ll blog more about it soon. I want to sit with what I’ve learned before I try to share it all. (Plus, it’s after midnight, and if I have any hope of getting up to go to Jazzercise, I need to get to sleep. Soon.)

Better With Veggies

I also just signed up for the #movehappy challenge sponsored by Heather from Better with Veggies. The challenge is simple, but promises to be a lot of fun. I need a challenge to get me moving—and if I can get moving and ENJOY it, all the better.

The challenge runs through the month of December and I want you to get moving. It’s simple – just get up and get moving at least 3 times each week. That might be a walk with your dog around the neighborhood, a strength training session in the gym, or a 3 mile run in your neighborhood admiring Christmas lights. Just get out there, move, and smile.

To accept the challenge, visit the official #MoveHappy Challenge Loop page (or download the app for your phone) and click the “Accept Challenge” button.

I know I need to make time to eat right and exercise. I’m hoping these challenges will push me to do exactly that.

2 responses to “New experiences, new challenges

    • So far, so good. I went on a 3.5-mile organized by a Flagstaff group, and ended up meeting another fellow Hoosier transplant.

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