WIAW: Cutting carbs

So … last week I talked about leaning toward Intuitive Eating.

Um — I’m not there yet. While I love the ideas of not counting anything, and eating what I want without worrying, these last several months have proven I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility. Tell me I can eat whatever I want, and I lean toward junk food. Big time.

After a crappy weekend in which I found myself buying a new, bigger pair of jeans (in a slightly loose size 20), I decided it was time to take back my life. Because I know only one sure way I can lose weight without feeling deprived, I took the plunge.

That’s right. On Tuesday, I re-started a lower-carb plan.

I’m not doing full-on Atkins (yet), in part because I had an almost-empty peanut butter jar in the fridge filled with Overnight Oats, and I didn’t want to throw it away. But I am going to limit myself to 80 net carbs or less a day.

And you know what? Already I feel more in control of my cravings. I even said “no thank you” to a free sample of lemon loaf when the barista stopped by my table with a tray. Even yesterday, I’d have been all over that free sample.

Enough chatter. Let’s get on to the eats. Here’s a rundown of (some of) what I ate Wednesday. I forgot to snap photos half the time. As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW link-up.

Tuna Salad

Lunch was your basic tuna salad. I salvaged my last Starkist Tuna Salad kit from the pantry (19 grams of carbs and 2 fiber for a total of 17 net carbs) and served it over 3 cups of lettuce and 10 grape tomatoes. Yes, I ate the crackers. They were included in the nutritional info, after all. ;D I just won’t buy them next time.Italian Beef over Green Beans

Dinner was Italian beef over 1 cup of frozen green beans. I’d cooked the Italian beef overnight in the slow cooker. Okay, I put it in when I got home from the grocery store at 2 a.m. and let it cook until I got home from Starbucks at about 2 p.m.

There’s no real recipe. I just put a 2-pound chuck roast in the Crock Pot with a sliced green bell pepper (about 1 cup). Then I seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little garlic and a bunch of Italian seasoning. Add 1 cup water and cook away.

It was nice to wake up to the scent of beef wafting through the air. Mmmm.

Tuesday’s snacks included a cup of sugar snap peas with 2 T of blue cheese dressing, an Atkins PB fudge granola bar and Some Colby Jack cheese.

2013-10-30 00.19.33I might not have remembered to take pictures of everything, but I did track it using the Lose It! app. All told, the day’s breakdown looked like this:

That’s 89 grams fat (50%), 93 grams carbs (23%) and 103 grams protein (26%). But when I subtract the 28 grams of fiber, I ended up eating 65.3 net carbs.

Not too shabby. And did you see the day’s calories? 206 calories UNDER budget—not that I count calories, but if I did, I’d be over the moon.

Why? I came in under the calorie goal without feeling deprived. That, friends, is something to celebrate.

Of course now I’m nursing a low-grade headache, thanks to that dreaded carb withdrawal. I’m sure it’ll get worse when I eat even fewer carbs today.

But if a few days with an aching head can help me regain control of my out-of-control eating and reverse the needle on the scale, I’ll suffer. Gladly.

I need to do something. I have more stories to tell…and I have to be alive to tell them.


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