WIAW: Mish-mash edition

Can you say “bad blogger”?

I’ve continued snapping pictures of (some) of my eats. But with the debut of my novel, DIVA IN THE DUGOUT, (Disclosure alert: That’s an affiliate link.) and other distractions, I haven’t been sharing them.

To make up for it, this What I Ate Wednesday post will highlight some of my favorite meals from the last few weeks. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the party. How cute is her little Chickpea? Answer: Very.

Pumpkin Spice muffin Pumpkin spice French Toast Pumpkin spice English Muffins

These first three pictures are of my fun with Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice English Muffins. Ashley blogged about them a while back, and I decidedI needed to try them for myself. They were tasty smeared with cream cheese, but even more delicious made into French Toast. In the batter: 1 egg, 1 T pumpkin and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I topped my creation with a little maple syrup and chopped walnuts. OMG …

Candy Corn M&Ms

Candy corn M&M’s. Before I snapped a picture, I took the time to make them into the shape of … candy corn. Terribly original, I know. 😀 (Pretend you don’t notice this photo was taken 22 days ago, on Oct. 1. I know this because I can read the date on that page dummy—10/02/2013.)

I went to Target looking for Pumpkin Spice M&Ms because … well … Pumpkin Spice ALL. THE. THINGS. But all I could find were these candy corn ones. They were okay. Super-sweet, though.

Grilled pork burger

A burger made of ground pork with shredded apple and onion mixed in. I’d have added sweet potato had I had one. I did not. I’ve been cooking so little that my stock of edible eats is woefully inadequate.
BBQ pork & brownie

Barbecued pork sandwich and a brownie before the Rock N Glow 5K. My fave BBQ trailer was on-site, and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.
Chobani flip

Chobani Flips. I bought several of them while at Target, and this Tropical Escape flavor was da bomb.

I have to say, I was disappointed to get a flip-less Flip last night. I pulled off the top of my Peachy Pistachio Dark Chocolate flavored Flip and … no toppings. The flip-up side was devoid of goodies, except for a few crumbs.

Me, expressing my displeasure Flip with nothing to flip

Me, pouting. Or maybe that’s my WTF face. I can’t decide.

I ended up throwing the yogurt out, too, because I couldn’t decide if it tasted funny.

Other things I’ve been eating: Boo-Berry cereal. I saw this display and couldn’t resist. It is back in stores for a limited time, after all.

(You might be glad to know I did refrain from buying a box of Count Chocula on a return visit. See? I can learn from my mistakes.)

They’re a far cry from the overnight oats I’d gotten accustomed to—and a sign of just how terrible my eating habits have become lately. I’ve fallen into a rut of not wanting to cook…not wanting to make the hard choices…of eating an entire meal after work.

I haven’t been planning meals or snacks, and relying on way too many drive-thru specials. As a result, I went shopping for new jeans yesterday and left without any. I was almost in tears when the size 20s were too tight. Yes, friends, I need to get back on track. STAT.

Boo BerryOn the plus side, I DID make a Crock Pot full of Cider Stew the other day. Been eating it for dinners at the office.

Cider Stew It might not look all that pretty, but it is delicious. Trust me on that. With chunks of apple, carrot, onion and potato, slow-cooked in apple cider and water, it’s packed with fall flavors.


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