WIAW: Another GFG Bootcamp Edition

This is going to be a quick-hit What I Ate Wednesday because this week’s eats don’t look all that different from last week’s. Well, that and I need to get back to editing. I’ve set a self-imposed deadline of tomorrow before work to send the galley proof back to my editor.

As always, thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW link-up. I’m happy to see her little chickpea has arrived safe and sound.

Breakfast was something a bit different: Carrot Cake Quinoa Bake. In the mix was cooked quinoa, shredded carrot, egg, almond mik, maple syrup, raisins and spices.

Carrot Cake Quinoa

The bad news: This is the only photo I have. I snapped it Monday when I pulled the dish out of the oven. A serving was one-quarter of the bowl — and it was a generous helping. (It’s a deep dish, so it looks smaller than it is.)

The rest of the day’s eats looked like this:

WIAW collage

Clockwise from top right:

1. A latte made with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a packet of Stevia and black iced coffee from Starbucks

2. A GFG Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake. I resisted something less-than-healthy at Starbucks and whipped up a protein shake before heading to the office.

3. Almond & Apricot Kind bar. Not my favorite. The flavor is OK, but it’s so sticky …

4. GFG Sweet Egg Salad on Wasa crackers and Super Salad. Yes, that’s Kale and beets, among other things. Not my favorite, but I have a whole bowlful to get through.

5. Peanut Curry Tofu with roasted brussels sprouts. Never having cooked tofu before, I had my doubts about this one, but I wanted something quick and easy … and different. Last week’s pineapple chicken burgers and beef stew were delicious, but it was time to branch out.

Here’s my “Surprise! Tofu’s not so bad.” face:

Tofu's not so bad

I almost look like I believe it, right?

But seriously … I was pleasantly surprised. As I cooked it up, I had my doubts it’d even be edible. I guess adding the peanut butter and curry powder helped. The texture wasn’t the best, but flavor-wise it was pretty darn tasty.


Chocolate "pudding"After dinner, I had some chocolate “pudding” (read Greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder, honey and vanilla). I didn’t snap a photo, but it looked something like this. (Same basic idea, different container.)

I also used different Greek yogurt.

Instead of buying Fage or Chobani, I decided to save a few bucks with another brand when I was at Sprouts the other day.

BIG mistake. It’s not creamy — and it’s more watery — and it doesn’t blend with the cocoa powder quite as seamlessly.

Next time, I’m splurging on the good stuff.


3 responses to “WIAW: Another GFG Bootcamp Edition

  1. That’s Alex doing a cameo appearance in the tofu shot. I need to get you some newer pictures. He’s had a few birthday cakes since then. I make a homemade “larabar” with apricots and almonds – it’s my favorite. I haven’t found a way that I like tofu yet, though I haven’t tried much.

    • He sure has. I just love his expression in that shot, though. Even if you send me new ones, I’ll probably still have that picture on my bulletin board. I need to try homemade larabars again.

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