Another Week One in the books

Well, I’ve semi-successfully completed Week One of the GoFitGals’ Six-Week Shapeup Beginner plan.

I say semi-successfully because I didn’t get in quite all the workouts, and the weekend’s eats weren’t all that stellar.

That said, I had a much better weekend than I’ve had all summer. While not every bite that crossed my lips was GFG-approved, I didn’t use that as an excuse to say “screw it” and start eating everything in sight.

Some successes:

GFG Mocha Protein ShakeOn Thursday, I didn’t get a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks even though I wanted one. Instead, I got unsweetened iced tea, waited until I left the Bux and made myself a GFG mocha protein shake. (I put it in my Starbucks cup … but it didn’t fool me. Tasty, yes. But definitely not a Frappuccino.)

I tried — and liked — kale chips.

I didn’t cave and eat any of The Boyfriend’s burger and fries when he stopped at McDonald’s for lunch. Instead, I waited until we got to our destination and ate my salad and tuna balls.

I ate a crap-ton of salad … and am alive to tell the tale.

Iced TeaOn Monday, when I stopped for gas on the way back to my place from the Boyfriend’s, I wanted a Diet Dr Pepper. I got unsweetened iced tea instead. I’m going to have to start carrying some Stevia packets in my purse.

Less successful moments:

I spent the weekend at the Boyfriend’s, and only loosely planned my meals. Breakfast and lunch Saturday were set, but I only had half a Sunday breakfast. That meant I ended up eating a chopped chicken salad from Subway Saturday night. And on Sunday, his mom made turkey burgers for dinner. I ate mine sans bun, but I did have cheese, ketchup and mustard.

I waited too long for dinner. When we stopped for Subway, I was too hungry to wait ’til we got the food back to his place, so I got a single-serve bag of Baked Ruffles. I shared a few with him, but devoured most of the bag myself.

I DID NOT avoid the #PSL at Starbucks Sunday. I camped out there for hours, working, and since I’d only had half a breakfast (frittata but no berry bowl), I rationalized that I deserved one because I was hungry.

While The Boyfriend and I were out Sunday night, I ate a Butterfinger bar just because it was offered to me. Bad choice, I know.

Despite the missteps, I’m down 4.6 pounds and 9 inches for the week.

And I sold another two books to Turquoise Morning Press. (That was why I wanted to get a Frappuccino on Thursday — to celebrate the sale.) That’s good news for sure. They bought my 2011 Golden Heart finalist, “Beauty and the Ballplayer,” as well as a still-untitled third book that I’ve only started writing.

I was camped out at Starbucks Sunday to try to get some serious word count in … but I ended up only writing about 400 new words.


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