Busy weekend

Kale Chips Food prepI’ve been busy preparing for the start of GoFitGals bootcamp. Friday night after work, I planned a menu.

Saturday, I spent an almost obscene amount at Sprouts, thanks to the two jars of PlantFusion I had to buy. Sunday night, I spent time chopping veggies, hard boiling eggs, making frittata muffins and putting together a big bowl of salad. On Monday, I made a pot of beef stew and and some kale chips.

I was skeptical of the kale chips at first, but they turned out pretty tasty. (I snagged one while I was putting them away.)

I also had my roommate take some rather depressing “before” photos and recorded some “before” measurements. My summer of eating with abandon is definitely showing.

Before I go to sleep, I’ll check out the instructions for tomorrow’s workout.

Other long weekend happenings: I cleaned. My spare bedroom went from this …

Room before

… to this.

Room after

It involved a lot of sorting, tossing stuff out and shoving things in the closet. A lot. Yes, that top photo contains a box of Atkins shakes in cans, circa 2005. The spare room had been collecting all the junk I had nowhere else to keep for years now. (No, I have no idea why I felt the need to keep expired cans of Atkins chocolate shakes. It’s not like they were drinkable anymore.)

The kitchen prep and cleaning kept me from doing any writing on Saturday and Sunday. I also didn’t spend much time on the computer, so the tweets in my Buffer queue are in woefully short supply. And my Feedly is back over 100 unread posts.

But I did find the time to read a real book. Devoured it, more like … the way I used to, when I still had unlimited amounts of time for reading. Going through about a thousand books made me realize I need to make a serious dent in my to-be-read stacks. So what did I do? Read an e-book … but that’s another story.

I’d heard that Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ “Ain’t She Sweet” is a great example of how to get away with having an unlikeable heroine. Since I’ve been wrestling with one of those, I wanted to give it a read. Sure enough, Sugar Beth was a horrid girl — the cruel queen bee of her high school, lording her family’s wealth over everyone and making enemies everywhere. But when she returns to her hometown many years later, she’s older, wiser and down on her luck … and no matter what she’d done in high school, I found myself cheering for her. I wanted her to succeed … and to fall in love.

Magic, I tell you. Now, I just need to figure out how she did it.

The how may still be a mystery, but reading it helped me break through the block I’ve had on Beth and Cody’s story. I need about 20,000 more words to finish the draft (the one I’d wanted to finish while I was on vacation in July).

I ended up getting to Starbucks Monday. Enjoyed my last Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (sniffle) for six weeks — or longer — and managed to write nearly 1,000 new words.

Only 19K to go …


6 responses to “Busy weekend

    • I’m renting it out until the end of the semester. That’s why I had to clean — but Alex can come visit all he wants in 2014!

    • I hope so. I’ve been trying to finish this story since fall of 2011. The characters just weren’t cooperating.

    • Yep. I’ve had more than my share. Giving them up for six weeks, though, as part of this new GoFitGals bootcamp plan.

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