Fabulous Friday Five

Friday FiveI’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing for too long now. Thank goodness that’s about to change, thanks to the kickoff of GoFitGals bootcamp next week.

But this post isn’t about what I’ve been doing wrong (or, much less often, right). This is a fun Friday Five — or at least a mostly fun Friday Five with a little complaining thrown in for good measure.

Five Things I’m Looking Forward To

  1. The start of bootcamp. I just hope I can keep up.
  2. A long Labor Day weekend, followed by a vacation of a week plus two days that starts on Sept. 12. Sometimes, having four weeks of vacation has its perks.
  3. Payday! Got bills to pay, and I want to sign up for this Rock N Glow 5K in Flagstaff Oct. 12. Proceeds benefit the Humane Society, so it’ll be fun for a great cause. And after reading about Alyssa’s experience in the LA Neon Run, I wanted to get in on the action.
  4. Ordering new author business cards. Gotta do all I can to get ready for my debut …
  5. The arrival of my new iPhone case. I got an email Thursday night saying it should be delivered today.

Custom iPhone case

Isn’t it gorgeous? That’s the logo Larissa of Piloting Paper Airplanes has created for my writer website. I figure it’ll be a great conversation starter whenever I have my phone out … which is pretty much ALL the time. 😉

5 great blog posts you may have missed (or not)

— Carly from Snack Therapy wrote a great post On Body Image. Among the highlights: “Sexy is a state of mind.  As long as I feel healthy and beautiful, I totally put that sexy vibe out to the world.” As I said in my tweet, I wish I’d had those smarts at her age.

— Amanda from Run To the Finish talked about why Aging Up Feels Great: “I am happier, healthier and a whole lot smarter every single year.” Great attitude, to be sure. Again, she’s wise beyond her years. I’m almost a decade older than she is, and still fighting against aging.

— At Healthful Pursuit, Leanne wrote a sentence that made me stop and go “whoa.”

Forgiveness. It’s the f-bomb that will completely transform the way you do life.

If that’s not enough, the same post has an awesome-looking recipe for Fresh N Raw Pad Thai Salad. I love pad Thai, and NEED to try this, ASAP.

— Misty at I Am Not Just a Fat Girl wrote a powerful, touching post: Dear Mr. Bootcamp Instructor. “I need you to tell me to go lower to push myself.  I need to you tell me you have faith that I can do it too.”

— Glenneth from Let’s Talk and Walk makes an impassioned argument for Small Changes, Not Drastic Measures. “Think of the small things you can do that will add up to big results in the long-term.”

5 Things That Have Annoyed Me Recently

  1. The great power outage of 2013.
  2. Cat barf on my clean sheets. Why can’t they puke up hairballs on the floor?
  3. Not enough time to read/write.
  4. Everyone’s overreaction to the Miley Cyrus debacle at the VMAs. Dr. Drew was still talking about it on CNN Thursday night. That’s FIVE DAYS later, folks. There are much more important things going on in the world. Give comedian Jon Lajoie’s song about the controversy a listen. I do believe he nails it.
  5. The Boyfriend getting mad at me for doing exactly what he told me to do. On Monday, he said he’d be busy with tennis the next two weekends, and I should take care of clearing out my spare room myself. When I proceeded to do exactly that, arranging for someone else to take a truckload of crap to Goodwill, he had a fit. Really, what’s the difference between donating it to Goodwill and trucking it to his mother’s to have a garage sale I have no desire to organize? I’d rather just give it away, take the tax deduction and be done with it.


Anyway, I’m going to go now, before this post gets any longer. I have some more blogging to do at the writing blog, and then I’m going to pick next week’s eats on the GoFitGals bootcamp plan. If I’m lucky, I’ll also have time to read a few more chapters in “When She Was Wicked,” the historical romance I’ve been enjoying in my (too meager) free time.



6 responses to “Fabulous Friday Five

    • I sure hope so. I’m a tad bit nervous, since I’ve been not doing much of anything for a couple months now. I signed up for the “beginner” six-week plan, and I just hope I can keep up.

  1. Thanks for the linky! I hope you have a great time at the run — and boy do I feel you on the cat barf. This morning I woke up to neurotic scratching on the floor. Our kitty had puked in the hallway and was scratching at “phantom” litter to “clean it up”. Sigh. PS added you to my blogroll! ❤

    • Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! At least your cat threw up on the floor … although the scratching would have awakened me, too.

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