WIAW: The Mishmash Edition

Because I was up really late playing with business card prototypes, I didn’t write up a What I Ate Wednesday post before bed. I figured it’d be a really easy thing to knock out when I got up in the morning … until I woke up to this:

No Power

No power. The smoke detectors were screeching and nothing was working. Funny thing about it was, the sun was bright as can be. No storms to disrupt the electricity, so what was the problem?

I called APS to report the outage, and then discovered the neighbors were without electricity, too. Good. At least the house didn’t blow a fuse or something. But my office, just across the highway, did have power (because I called to check). I’m not exactly complaining, because it’s a pain when our office computers lose power.

Obviously, a quick blog post at home wasn’t going to happen. Neither was breakfast. So I packed up my computer and headed — where else? — to Starbucks. Only two hours earlier than I’d planned …

But the wifi is spotty, so I’m still not knocking out the quick post I’d planned. Grr.

Anyway, here are some (but not all) of the things I ate on Monday.

Egg and GuacamoleEgg and homemade guacamole on a sandwich thin.

Vivanno Smoothie

A chocolate banana Vivanno Smoothie from Starbucks. I drank part of this while SNL’s Molly Shannon stood mere feet away. Super-exciting celebrity sighting! I considered snapping a picture, but decided I didn’t want to invade her privacy that way.

I had to go to work early Monday for an extra-special 1 p.m. training session. Lunch went with me.  I went for The Roast and French fries from Modern Grove again.

MG's The Roast

The sandwich looked a lot like this (taken a few weeks ago), except it came in a cute to-go box. They even wrote a message to me:

Fun Packaging


Iced Coffee

After the training session, I left the office for a while. Let’s get real: They’re not gonna pay me 2 hours of overtime to attend an hourlong training. So even though it made for a strange split shift, I headed to Dunkin’ Donuts. I ended up with a French vanilla iced coffee because they were out of coconut.

Have to say, I prefer the coconut.

As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW linkup. Hope she gets to greet the Chickpea in person soon.


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