Starting to feel human again

Finally, my head is almost unstuffed and I feel like I just might have the energy to get up early enough to get in a walk this morning.

I know I need to get back in the habit of working out, because those GoFitGals are going to make me WORK when I start their bootcamp program.

Good news on the writing front: My editor likes the changes I made (at her suggestion). I may not have to do much else to DIVA IN THE DUGOUT before it comes out in October. I also started plotting out Book No. 3 in my Love & Baseball series. I have some great ideas and am excited to start writing so I can get to know the characters.

It’s no secret I’ve dropped the ball on the diet front. Bootcamp is going to help me tackle that problem, too. It comes with a shopping list and eating plan that’ll take all the guesswork out of meal planning. I love that idea.

One of my big problems when it comes to diet is a lack of planning (and/or no desire to cook). It leads me to eat out WAY too often.

Roast Beef sandwichTake Monday, for example. I ended up not getting back to Flagstaff until right about the time I’m supposed to be at work. So I ended up picking up dinner. The one positive thing? I got a sandwich from the Safeway deli instead of fast food.

A roast beef sandwich on sourdough is a step above a burger and fries, right?

I’ve no doubt the GoFitGals’ll ask me to give up diet soda and after-work snacks — both of which I’m a bit more ambivalent about. But like I said, what I’ve been doing isn’t working. I need to shake things up. This is exactly what I need, and I’m excited to get started.

And scared. Change is scary.

But it’s necessary. If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’ll keep getting the same results I’ve always gotten — and they’re just not working for me anymore.

They never really did. I know I do better when I flat-out cut certain things out of my diet — and once I do, I don’t miss them. It’s just the idea of doing it that I balk at.

Every. Damn. Time.

You’d think I’d be old enough to know better, wouldn’t you?

Just for fun, here’s a gratuitous photo of the adorable kitten I met on Saturday at one of my writer friends’ houses.

Gratuitous cute kitten photoHer name’s Lucille, and she’s such a sweetheart. She loved snuggling with all her visitors … and climbing on the desk chair like a little monkey … and playing with purse straps.

Made me want to adopt a kitten of my own.

I just have to remind myself that they don’t stay little and cute like that for long.


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