Still alive — barely

Long time, no blog.

That summer cold — or allergies, or whatever — really kicked my a$$. Three nights last week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), I didn’t even bother to turn on my laptop after work. And I spent most of Sunday in bed, sleeping or wishing my head would stop aching.

Combine that with editing Diva on deadline, and running NARWA’s board meeting Saturday, then driving down to Mesa, and it’s probably no surprise that I’ve completely forgotten my diet.


I’m actually a bit worried. I had breakfast at 2 p.m., and then snacked on cheez-its at about 8 p.m., but wasn’t really hungry when I ate dinner at 11.

It reminds me of my mother, not being hungry for real food, yet always scrounging in the kitchen for junk food.

Not good, my friends. I’ve got to get this snacking under control.

I’m hoping the GoFitGals can help me out. I’m in the test group for their Six-week Shape-up bootcamp, which starts in September. It’s a big, scary commitment, but what I’ve been doing (a whole lot of nothing lately) isn’t working.

Excited to start a new plan.


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