All this newfound freedom

Here's my sign ...

Here’s my sign …

So far, not so good when it comes to eating for energy and satisfaction.

I spent the weekend eating what I wanted, not worrying about calories, carbs or anything else. It didn’t help — I still felt guilty and ended up saying “screw it” and overeating.

That leads me to two conclusions:

1) I wasn’t really ready for the whole “eat what you want” thing. I need to prepare to let go of the guilt before I attempt that again.

2) If I don’t buy the junk, I won’t eat it. If there’s no ice cream in the house, I can’t eat it without going out to get it. And I’m basically lazy. I’m not likely to get dressed and go back out  at 2 a.m.

Make it three conclusions.

3) The crap I did eat wasn’t satisfying. It tasted good, sure. But I was hungry ALL weekend, despite consuming more food than I needed.

Live and learn. I’ll get the hang of this someday … maybe.

I’m on vacation this week, and I head to the Boyfriend’s today. We’ll see what happens.

On a happier note, in case you missed the news on my writing blog: I have a release date for DIVA IN THE DUGOUT. It’ll be out the week of Oct. 15.


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