WIAW, interrupted

What I ate Tuesday was considerably better than WIAM or WIAS/S … I actually tracked eats in the Lose It! app today — and only went 325 calories over. Even so, this is a pretty pathetic What I Ate Wednesday post. Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting the WIAW link-up.

I didn’t even attempt a juice fast Tuesday (although I did have 8 ounces of green juice with breakfast). Lunch was a carnitas bowl from Chipotle. It looked a lot like this.

Chipotle Carnitas Bowl

But that’s not it. I took that shot a couple of weeks ago and never shared it. In the mix: pork, pinto beans, cheese, fajita veggies, lettuce guacamole and two kinds of salsa.

That’s the only  food picture I have to share this week because I wasn’t thinking about what I ate Tuesday. I was consumed with the day’s big project: Getting my author publicity photos taken.

Dress dilemmaFirst up was a tough decision: What to wear. I couldn’t decide between the classic black dress (which is a bit tight around my hips) or the blingy purple one. I did what everyone does in the age of social media — took it to Instagram.

I posted this side-by-side shot and asked for opinions. Becky from Olives N Wine (one of my Blend2013 roomies) pointed out that it depended on what kind of look I was going for. She said the purple was “fun and flashy.”

“Fun and flashy” it is, because my books are fun and flashy — at least I hope so.

Back at AvedaWith that decided, I left the house just in time to arrive for a massage (my treat for selling a novel). I went back to the Aveda salon because it’s where my therapist works … plus I had post-massage plans for a shampoo and style.

The great thing about Aveda is they’ll freshen up your makeup after they do your hair.

Perfect, since I wanted to wear a touch of makeup for my photos. I don’t normally bother with makeup, but — like I told Alex, my stylist — I wanted to look like “me, only better.”

The result:

Ready for my close-up

I think she succeeded.

Hair and makeup squared away, it was time for lunch. The aforementioned Chipotle bowl made its way into my belly, and then I walked across the parking lot to the fro-yo place. Next up, a quick stop at Starbucks.

I bumped into one of my coworkers, Betsey, there. It was a good thing, too, because she loaned me her umbrella. I was afraid it would be raining when it was time for me to go to work — and didn’t want the drops to ruin my hair.

It ended up raining while I was inside Starbucks … but it cleared up by the time I had to go. I actually left a bit early in hopes of arriving before the rain started up again. Didn’t quite make it — it was sprinkling when I got to work, so Betsey’s umbrella came in handy.

Lucky for me, it cleared up enough to for us to head outside for my photos.

Unlucky for me, I can’t decide which of the photos to use on my website. Jake took a bunch of photos in three different locations.

Author photo contendersWhat do you think?

I posted this composite shot on my author Facebook page and so far, the most votes have gone to top row, third one from the left. I’m leaning toward one of the left three on the bottom row (second one in, I think), but I honestly can’t decide.

No matter which photo I choose, no glasses for me. I thought I was being smart by wearing my new glasses. (The photo I had taken in 2011 saw me wearing the same frames as my current reading glasses, so I wanted the change.)  … But I totally forgot about my new specs’ photo-gray lenses. Needless to say, I had to ditch them.

My absolute favorites of the batch are these two:

... but they're not website material.

… but I don’t think they’re website material.

Jake just said something hilarious, which is why I’m laughing so hard in the picture on the left. The photo on the right was the very next frame, so I’m still laughing.

I almost wish I could use one of those two as my official author photo. Maybe I’ll make the laughing one my new Twitter avatar …


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