I suck at juice fasting

Found this card at Target.

Found this card at Target.

Over at my writing blog today, I’m talking about the power of acting “as if” as it relates to both my writing success and weight loss.

But because I miss blogging here every night and just can’t help myself, I have to tell you about my failed attempt at a juice fast.

Yes, I suck at juice fasting. I lasted all of four hours Sunday — if that long — before I blew it with popcorn at the movie theater.

Maybe if I were going nowhere, doing nothing and seeing no one, I could manage to stick to a liquid diet. Maybe not. I’ve always said I love food too much to give it up.

I woke up at around nine Sunday morning. I lounged in bed, messing around online with my phone until after 10 — in part because I wasn’t looking forward to having nothing but juice for breakfast.

My juice fast was borne of a crazy idea that I didn’t want to be all puffy and bloated when Jake takes my new headshot for my author website and the Turquoise Morning Press website on Tuesday.

When we set up the day last week, I jokingly said I’d start a juice fast over the weekend. In his hunky British accent, Jake replied that he didn’t want to be responsible for me doing some crazy diet.

Well, I found myself at Target Saturday night and suddenly the idea didn’t seem like such a joke. I picked up several bottles of juice and vowed to start in the morning.

Start I did, with eight ounces of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness. Then, when I got to Starbucks, I downed a chocolate/banana Vivanno smoothie.

At this point, perhaps it was my old nemesis, a lack of planning that did me in. After several hours of working at the Bux, I decided, kind of spur-of-the-moment, to go to the movies. “Grown Ups 2” and “RIPD” were both calling my name.

So I headed to Safeway to get some cash, which I did by buying a bottle of Naked Berry Veggie juice. I downed it in the car on the way to the theater … and thought it was filling enough that I’d be able to resist the popcorn.

Thought being the operative word in my previous sentence. My stomach started growling the minute I smelled the darn stuff. And instead of telling myself no, I gave in to my inner child’s whining and bought the damn popcorn. And I didn’t just buy a small. No … because I hadn’t eaten anything, I upgraded to a medium. With butter. Then after seeing both movies, I ended up grabbing a reuben and fries from Arby’s.

So much for a juice fast. Grrr.

It may be more mental barrier than anything. The mere thought of not eating solid food makes me shaky.

… And maybe I just need to plan a bit better. I still have enough juice to try again today. I think I’ll start with the protein-packed one this time. I might even boost the protein content by blending it with cottage cheese and lots of ice. Then it becomes not quite a juice fast — but I think it’ll trick me into feeling like I’ve eaten something substantial.

And perhaps I should try a real juice fast, something like the BluePrint Cleanse. I talked with the BPC rep for quite some time at Blend2013, and was admittedly intrigued — but also scared. Doing a bit of reading on the BPC website just now didn’t allay any of my fears, either, with its talk of colonics. That isn’t something I ever imagined myself having.

I’ll keep you posted.


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