Better late than never, right?

My appalling organizational skills nipped me in the butt again yesterday. Allow me to explain:

My roommate almost always picks up the mail when she comes home from work. Then she deposits my mail in a basket in the hallway for me to go through after work.

Mail Basket

As you can see, it’s full. You might even say cram-packed. Why? I tend to look through the mail:

A) When I’m expecting something specific

B) When it’s bill-paying time (payday)

Since I got paid Friday, Saturday was one of those B days. So I started pawing through the mail, looking for bills.

Instead, I found this:

Love from Portland

A postcard from Portland, thoughtfully sent from Fitbloggin’ 13 — and signed by several of my favorite bloggers.

Love from Fitbloggin'

Thanks, Foodie McBody, Emmie, Roni, Mel, Brooke and new friends DubyaWife, KCL Anderson, Poise in Parma, Emtucky and Merbear!

Please know your thought didn’t go unappreciated. Had I noticed the postcard buried in my basket earlier, I’d have given you my thanks much sooner. (Appreciation is better late than never, isn’t it? I sure hope so!)

I won’t tell you — okay, I will … for a moment I was thrown, thinking, “How’d they get my address?” Then I remembered I sent it to Foodie McBody in response to a tweet she sent out. Glad I did, too, because the postcard was a pleasant (if late, through no one’s fault but my own) surprise.

I certainly hope to make it to Fitbloggin’ 14. Now that I’ve sold my first novel to a publisher, I hope I’ll have a bit of extra money for traveling.

In the meantime, I need to get a lot more organized. I started by picking up a new planner.

Planner Outside Planner Inside

It runs from July 2013 through June 2014, and I’m going to keep track of all those important dates.

I’ll color-code entries with different pens for blogging, writing deadlines and other things.

Probably I should just use Google Calendar. But there’s something about a paper planner … just like there’s something about a paper book.

Someday, I’ll have some of those, too. DIVA IN THE DUGOUT will be released in Turquoise Morning Press’ digital-only Vintage Boutique line.

After that, the sky’s the limit.


2 responses to “Better late than never, right?

    • Oops. You know, that was my first thought. But I know you sign posts with xo, so I second-guessed myself. I’ll have to thank Emmie. Love her new name, BTW.

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