More ch-ch-changes

New MacBookI love you guys. It’s been fun watching my blog gain a decent following. Slowly but surely, my audience has grown …

Now I’m going to ask you to grow with me.

See, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything. We’re all busy, I know. I don’t hold any records in that respect. Not only do we have to work, we have to find time to exercise and cook healthy meals for ourselves (and our families, if we have them).

Me, I’m trying to strike a balance between doing the day (night) job, writing/selling fiction, working out, cooking, spending quality time with the Boyfriend and blogging. Right now, I get home from work anywhere between 11 and midnight — and I’m up ’til 3 or later, mostly on the computer. Most mornings, I’m up by 10 at the latest. I aim for 9:30, so I have time to work out before hitting Starbucks for pre-work writing time.

Yeah. Do the math: That’s about six hours of sleep a night. I suspect that’s one reason I have so much trouble sticking to a diet/losing weight. The experts say sleep helps with weight loss.

As my authorly debut ticks nearer, I’ll need to devote more time/energy to my writing and author blog, Love & Laughter. But I don’t want to go radio silence here. I’ll need your support and encouragement even more as my life gets busier. My diet/exercise goals are often the first to go, victims of a quick trip through the drive-thru or a decision to sleep rather than work out.

Since I’m vain enough to want to look good in my release party photos, I refuse to let healthy living fall by the wayside. I just need to get a little more organized.

Gulp. Organization has never been my strong suit.

I’m going to start with a blogging schedule. Posts here at AWL will be a bit less frequent, but I’ll be elsewhere a bit more often.

  • Monday: Love & Laughter
  • Tuesday: AWL weekend update
  • Wednesday: WIAW at AWL, of course!
  • Thursday: My day to blog at Chicklets in the Kitchen. Whatever happens in our house usually happens in the kitchen.
  • Friday: Free-for-all — I might blog somewhere … or everywhere … or nowhere, depending on how busy my week is.
  • Saturday: My Sexy Saturday at Love & Laughter. In this blog hop, authors post 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Sunday: Off

Wow — I feel better already.

I’ll still be tweeting and posting photos on Instagram (@arleneawl on both) — and I’d like to start using the AWL Facebook page more. It takes less time to post a photo/few lines than it does to write an entire blog post. So if you haven’t “liked” me over there yet, stop on by.

Things are definitely changing, but you know what they say:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Even though you may see a bit less of me on the blog, deep  I’m not giving up my healthy living goals — just giving ’em a little tweak.

Less blogging, more sleep.

Less pressure, more fun.

Less stress, more deep breathing.

Less online gaming (Candy Crush, I’m lookin’ at you!), more moving.

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