A big improvement

Good news for my waistline: Wednesday was a big improvement over Tuesday. My eating was on-point and I worked out.

Actually, I worked out twice … well, that’s if you count softball as a workout. It’s activity, at the very least. I’m on my feet and moving more often than not.

Stormy afternoonWhen it started pouring at about 4 p.m., I was worried that our 7 p.m. game was a goner. But it was game on. We even played through some scattered sprinkles — and one flash of lightning.

I imagine the officials would have put a stop to the games had that gone on for long.

And that would have been a darn shame, because we were ahead. After a rough start (no score for either team in the first two or three innings), we exploded for three runs in one inning. Then we kept scoring.

We ended up winning 10-3. No real thanks to me, though: I was the third out twice and the first out another at-bat. I struck out twice and barely hit the ball once — but didn’t beat the throw to first.

Clearly, I need more batting — and running — practice.

Ah well. It was fun even if I didn’t do much to contribute to the win.

Not so much fun was having to go back to work after the game … or working until after midnight because of the break I took to play.

MuesliFusion for breakfastWednesday’s eats started with a serving of MuesliFusion when I first woke up. Again. I swear I could be content to eat that stuff every day for the rest of my time on this earth. Yes, it’s in a dessert cup — the presentation makes it even more of a treat.

Then I hit the sidewalk for a quick, 17-minute walk. I might have walked longer had I not realized after starting that my iPhone was still music-less. (I’ve now remedied that problem, so I can take a longer walk today.)

Upon returning to the house, I whipped up a vanilla coconut smoothie based on this idea from Itz Linz. When she tweeted about it in the morning and I saw I had all the ingredients on hand, I knew I’d have to try it. My verdict: Yum!

When I got to Starbucks, I ordered unsweetened iced tea instead of a latte. And I fixed a ham sandwich to eat for lunch (immediately after arriving at work) and took a frozen meal (Atkins chili con carne) for after the game.

Snacks included some BBQ macadamia nuts, a PB chocolate-chip Larabar (maybe the best flavor I’ve ever had) and, after dinner, an Atkins PB granola bar from my desk drawer stash. I’d planned to pick up a side salad before work, but forgot — and Mike & I carpooled to the game, since we were both at work. So when I was still hungry after the chili, I scrounged up a bar.

In all, my diet was 50% fats (95 grams), 30% carbs (127 g) and 21% protein (89 g). And when you subtract the 36.2 grams of fiber I consumed, I  had 90.8 net carbs … That’s slightly under the 100 grams I’ve been aiming for.

I was also 419 calories UNDER budget. (We won’t talk about the rest of the week’s overage. I wasn’t tracking and have no idea how much over I was.)

That’s what I was up to on Wednesday. How was your day?


4 responses to “A big improvement

    • I did. I’m going to have to get a vanilla protein powder that doesn’t turn everything green, though. Right now, I have Vega’s vanilla almondilla, and it tints everything. It’s a bit unsettling to be drinking a GREEN vanilla coconut smoothie. (I know, I know — I could have thrown in some spinach for extra nutrients & a reason to be green.)

    • Thank you. I’m in a much better place today. On track for a second straight day under my calorie limit. If I string together enough of those, I’ll be AOK!

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