Well, well, well

Another lost weekend — to no one’s surprise, I’m sure.

But I’m not going to drone on about my lapse, because I’m beginning to bore even myself. I can’t imagine how you guys feel, having to read the same spiel every week.

I know the things I need to do … I’m no stranger to the elements of healthy living. As I mentioned in a tweet to Jack Sh*t (@jacksht) Tuesday afternoon, I even look at all the salads/healthy eats in my Instagram feed and think, “Yum.”

However, when the time comes to order, and I’m faced with making a decision, I go for the burger — or another equally unhealthy choice. Every. Damn. Time. My drive to get healthier doesn’t seem to match my desire anymore.

No WIAW this week because … well, I forgot it was Tuesday. Since I was off Monday (working next Saturday instead — yay … not), all day Tuesday I thought it was Monday.

One good thing came from the weekend — besides time spent with the Boyfriend, including getting caught in a monsoon downpour Saturday. I finally upgraded to an iPhone 5. I know, I know, I’m only about a year late. When I saw the iPhone on sale at Walmart for $129, I decided to pay for it with the $75 I earned for being part of Diet-to-Go’s summer campaign, plus a few extra bucks.

I spent some time Sunday re-downloading apps — and discovered I lost all my grown Plant Nanny plants, even though I reinstalled from the cloud. None of the entries from my gratitude app transferred, either … half a year of gratitude journal, gone. Waaa!

I still have the old phone. I’m going to try to extract the info somehow before I get rid of it.

Wait — I take it back. A second good thing happened while I was AWOL: I now have custom covers for two of my manuscripts.

Blind Date Bride cover Trouble in Paradise cover

Lovely, aren’t they? I even made Bride’s cover the background on my new phone.

Author and cover designer Rogenna Brewer created them for me. She even featured me in a blog post.

“Blind Date Bride” is the first book; “Trouble in Paradise” tells the story of the two meddling friends from “Bride” — you know, the ones who got more wedding night action than the bride and groom. 😉

Trouble is, I haven’t even finished the first draft of “Trouble” yet. Talk about putting the (c)art before the horse …

Ahem. Excuse the bad pun. Been around my punny boss too many years, I suspect.

Rogenna’s now hard at work on a cover for the book that’s going to be my first release, a holiday novella called — appropriately enough — “Home for the Holidays.”

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Tuesday’s shift was a tough one. With the memorial service for the Prescott Hotshot crew, I had to pick photos go with the wire story for today’s front page. Imagine me, scrolling through pages and pages of AP photos as I sniffled and tried to keep my eyes from leaking. If it was that rough to look at the pictures and read the story, I feel sorry for Felicia, who actually had to attend the ceremony and write about it. (She’s on our company softball team. As an AP writer, she doesn’t work for the paper, but she has a desk is in the next row over from the newsroom.)

Comfort dogsThese guys were chilling at Starbucks Tuesday afternoon. So sweet. One of them came over to visit me, which led to the other one approaching. When I remarked on their festive holiday bandanas, their handler came over, too.

It turns out they’re Comfort Dogs, and they’d just spent the week in Prescott, helping folks feel better in the aftermath of tragedy. Just Tuesday morning, they visited Fire Station 7, the Granite Mountain Hotshots’ home base, so they were getting some well-deserved rest. They also were in Boston after the Boston Marathon bombing, and in Oklahoma and Texas after the tornadoes last month.

I bet they do a lot of good. I dare you to stay in a funk when you’re getting attention from a pup. Can’t do it!


2 responses to “Well, well, well

    • Thanks, Deb! I’m feeling much better today, after a short walk and healthy breakfast. My goal is to track what I eat for the rest of the week, and to exercise at least 10 minutes every day. (Starting small.) Already done 17 this morning, and our new softball season starts tonight, so that’s another 30 or so minutes. (Games are 45, but I do sit some of that time.)

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