Smashing blogger’s block with some Friday Fives

Friday FiveGrr. Blogger’s block.

When all else fails, it’s time to make a list, right?

Now, all I need to do is think of some topics for lists. Too bad it’s easier said than done when my brain seems to be on strike. Here goes …

My five favorite “Twilight Zone” episodes

(In honor of the July Fourth “Twilight Zone” marathon on SyFy)

  1. The one with the grandfather and his Mardi Gras masks
  2. The one with Burgess Meredith as the guy who loves to read
  3. The one with Jack Klugman as the pool shark
  4. The one with the professor from “Gilligan’s Island” who travels back to the time of Lincoln’s assassination
  5. The one with the guy who won’t leave his dog to go to “heaven”

So far, I haven’t seen any of those tonight — but I’ve only been watching for an hour and a half … and it’s nearing the tail-end of the marathon, so I may have missed the good ones.

Five least favorite “Twilight Zone” episodes

  1. The one with the bratty little boy everyone’s afraid to upset
  2. The one where the two women are trapped in a sweltering apartment as the Earth moves toward the sun
  3. The  one with the pig-faced people who are supposed to be normal
  4. The one where the Professor from “Gilligan’s Island”  somehow pulls the Old West criminal into modern times
  5. The one with Samantha from “Bewitched” as a soldier

PedicureFive favorite (non-food) ways to pamper myself

  1. Massage
  2. Pedicure
  3. Buying books
  4. Starbucks
  5. Long, hot showers

Why do they all involve spending money? I need to come up with a list of FREE non-food ways to pamper myself. Any ideas?

Five affirmations

(Jenn Campoli and I came up with these, and several more, when she was coaching me. I’ve been trying to revisit them.)

  1. I am fabulous and making progress everyday
  2. I am eating foods that make me feel good
  3. I can make healthy choices
  4. I feel good about my choices
  5. I love me, right here, right now

JenniferFayeRanchertotheRescueFive recent additions to my e-reader

  1. Rancher to the Rescue by my critique partner, Jennifer Faye
  2. The Naughty Never Die by L.L. Kellogg, one of my Golden Heart sisters from the Class of 2011
  3. Drawing the Line by Kimberly Kincaid, another GH sister
  4. Brenda Novak’s When Lightning Strikes
  5. Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

Five things I haven’t had a chance to try from my #Blend2013 swag bag

  1. The Good Bean snacks. (I keep seeing rave reviews.)
  2. Bob’s Red Mill Muesli (Sorry, Bob — I’ve been stuck on MuesliFusion.)
  3. Core Power shakes
  4. Essential Eating whole grain elbow macaroni
  5. The Simply Bar (but I LOVED the Simply Protein chips)

I’d better get on that, eh? Anyone else still have swag left over, or am I the only one who’s slow on the uptake?

Well … I think this turned into a decent blog post after all. Blogger’s block, begone!

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