And then there was one

Wednesday night’s dinner was one of my last two Diet-to-Go meals, leaving me with just one.

DTG grilled chicken

This was the grilled chicken, with sides of stewed tomatoes and (I think) cauliflower puree. Whatever the green stuff was, it tasted delicious. I’m pretty sure it was a cheesy, very runny cauliflower puree.

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. That means I totally missed out on What I Ate Wednesday this week.

Ah well. There’s always next week, right?

I didn’t do nearly so well with my carb-watching today, but it wasn’t dinner’s fault. Nor was it Starbucks’ fault. I took my own unsweetened almond milk to mix with plain iced coffee for 40 calories and less than 2 carbs, vs. a whole-milk, sugar-free latte with 16 .

No, I blame lunch. I opted to try one of those McDonald’s Premium Wraps, the Thai Sweet Chili one, with a small order of fries. The wrap was pretty good — but I don’t know if it was 43 grams of carbs good. Nor were the fries worth 26 carbs. I’ll have to remind myself of that the next time I think I want fries.

All told, my day’s intake was 99 g protein (21 percent), 163 g carbs (34 percent) and 96 g fat (45 percent). Because I snacked on an Atkins bar after dinner, I ended up 149 calories over my day’s allotment.


Better that than hitting the vending machine, though.

I’m going to bed now in hopes of making it out of bed early enough to take a walk this morning. I totally slept through my alarm Wednesday, and didn’t get up ’til 11:30. No exercise occurred.

I also need to put on my “airport security attire” and weigh in for the Diet-to-Go DietBet that starts Friday. Despite not winning my last few DietBets, I’m going to try it again. Hope springs eternal, don’t you know?

There’s still time to get in on the fun. The concept is simple: You pay in $25, and if you lose 4% of your weight during the game, you split the pot with other winners. The pot’s up to about $2,000. Diet-to-Go is also giving away $50 gift cards to all the winners.

When I won my DietBet, I almost doubled my money. It’s worth a shot.


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