Changes on the horizon

After another weekend of not eating the way I should, I’m planning to shake things up. Big time.

More on that in another post, though — it’s late and I’m still processing my plan. It will involve the great info I’ve learned from Amanda’s Clean and Lean Project, plus cutting back on carbs and tracking through an app like My Fitness Pal or Lose It.

Like I said, more later. Right now, I just wanted to check in really quickly.

I got to see the Boyfriend this weekend. He was playing a tennis tournament here in Flagstaff. That meant he was here for our softball doubleheader on Sunday. We won the first game pretty decisively … then got spanked almost as decisively in Game 2. At least the Boyfriend made the triple that put us on the board in the second game, starting our too-short rally.

Less impressive was my performance: I managed to get the third out in two innings. Grr. I hate it when I do that. I clearly need more batting practice before next season.

We have one more game this season — and whether we win or lose, the team will have a winning record. We’ve won more games this year than we lost!

Give me a moment to do the happy dance. It’s a vast improvement over our last season (two years ago), when lost every single game … except the one we won by forfeit. That was NOT fun.

On Monday, I had to get back to reality. But because I waited ’til the last possible minute, reality involved a stop at Target to pick up a frozen dinner. I spotted this:

New to me ...

New to me …

Inside the box ...

Inside the box …

The brand’s new to me and I’m not sure how to pronounce it or type that backward “e.” It caught my eye in the freezer case, and I I remembered Katie from Blonde Ambition (one of my Blend2013 roomies) talking about one of their burritos not too long ago.

It didn’t look quite as appetizing in my bowl as on the package. But it still tasted delicious. It was packed with steak, beans, rice and veggies — all for only 10 WW PointsPlus. The box said the bowl is fully compostable, too. Not something I really look for in a frozen dinner, but nice all the same.

We actually had some excitement at the office tonight: The roof of a grocery store caught on fire. Everyone got out of the building before it was fully involved, and no one was injured.

I love nice, quiet shifts that go smoothly, with all the stories in early and pages done by 10 p.m. But there’s a certain excitement in a newsroom when something like that breaks. Everyone (in this case, our newsroom of three — photographer and editor on the scene, reporter manning the phones) springs into action to get the story.

When I got home from work, a package greeted me at the gate. Inside?

Several months' supply (I hope).

Several months’ supply (I hope).

Yes, that’s FIVE bags of MuesliFusion. I went a little crazy ordering last week. I simply couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to try most, so I got all of ’em.

Okay, not quite all … but darn close. And I may have been so excited to open the package that I sliced open one of the bags in the box. (You can see the slit in the Morning Zen bag if you look closely.)

Sorry I’m not sorry for being a healthy-living-blogger cliche. I’m so glad MuesliFusion was at Blend Retreat so I had a chance to discover the company. I just wish I hadn’t ordered five bags a few days before deciding to cut back on my carb intake again …



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