#DiettoGo review and a gift for you

SummerShapeup_badgeIf you’re anything like me, you love to eat but don’t always have time to cook. You end up resorting to drive-thru something just because you don’t know what to fix at home, or just plain don’t have the time or energy to haul a$$ into the kitchen.

Yes, a lack of time/energy is my main excuse for not making healthful choices.

Enter Diet-to-Go. Subscribing to a meal delivery service puts the convenience back into mealtime.

All I have to do is tell them what meal plan I prefer — traditional, low-carb or vegetarian (not in this lifetime!) — and they ship a week’s worth of meals* to my doorstep.

When I won a week’s worth of meals via a Twitter chat this spring, I opted for the traditional menu. While everything was delicious — especially the turkey chili and cornbread, it seemed pretty carb-heavy (and fairly high in WW Points). So when presented with the opportunity to take part in Diet-to-Go’s Summer Shape-Up program this month, I chose the low-carb option.

While many of the meals didn’t seem to be much lower in Points, it was an excellent decision. Everything was delicious.

Scratch that. I haven’t had a chance to eat everything yet — I still have half chicken and grilled chicken meals in the freezer.

But what I’ve eaten has been great. Truly restaurant-quality.

There’s a payoff for bearing with my meal-by-meal thoughts. At the end of this post, you’ll find a code for $50 off a week’s worth of Diet-to-go meals so you can try them for yourself.

Pork Chop Pomodoro

DTG Pork Chop Pomodoro

I ate this meal first because it came in a damaged tray. I took it to work with me on the day my meals arrived. It smelled delicious when I was heating it in the microwave, and it didn’t disappoint. The meal was flavorful, the pork chop moist. My only complaint? Because I was eating at work, I’d have preferred a boneless chop.

Andouille Eggs with sausage

DTG Andouille Eggs


My first thought when I dug into this one was “where’s the shrimp?” But once I spotted one piece, I was seeing shrimp everywhere. It had a nice flavor, not too spicy for my Midwestern tastebuds. My only complaint: Why not make the chicken sausage crumbles instead of a big patty?

Hmm … I seem to be having a problem with  big hunks of meat. Odd, that, considering my Atkins dieting background.

Italian Meatballs

DTG Italian Meatballs

I made notes as I was eating most of these meals. All it says with this one is: “My favorite so far. Moist, cheesy, yum!” Yeah. I think that still holds true now.

Portobello Lasagna

DTG Portobello Lasagna

I had high hopes for this one. In fact, it was the meal I most wanted to try. I’d set it out to eat first when I saw the damaged tray on the pork chop. It didn’t smell quite as good in the microwave — maybe because of the broccoli? — but it still tasted great. My notes’ verdict: “Another cheesy, yummy meal.”

Chicken Souffle

DTG Chicken Souffle

I devoured this one rather quickly, while waiting for IT to fix my computer at work. I noted that it had good flavor and big chunks of chicken and pronounced it “delicious.”

Cajun Catfish

DTG Cajun Catfish


I had no real problem with this one; I’m just not a big fan of fish in general. The flavor was fine — not too spicy.

Hamburger with veggies

DTG Angus Burger with veggies

The whole plate was great, but the best part was the guacamole on top of the burger. So simple, but so delicious.


No Picture: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Veggies

Another meal I had high hopes for, based solely on its packaging. The label clearly states “bacon” — and I LOVE bacon. Imagine my consternation when I shifted the eggs around and uncovered Canadian bacon. Wait, you don’t have to imagine. I made a note:

Bacon? Canadian bacon isn’t bacon. Once I got over my initial disappointment, it tasted good. Next time, call it ham.

Yeah. Don’t toy with me when it comes to my  bacon.

Some more overall thoughts:

  • I loved the variety of veggie side dishes — artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, even asparagus. I would, however, have liked to see some zucchini. Zucchini is also low in carbs, and smells better than cauliflower/broccoli in the microwave.
  • There was so much food. I was in awe of the just-right portions. I’ve actually avoided the Half Chicken meal to this point because it seems like too much. (I know: When I was on Atkins, I’d have thought nothing of throwing back two chicken leg quarters from a rotisserie chicken … but on WW, that’s a lot of meat.)

Want to try the deliciousness and convenience for yourself?


Use this gift card code to get $50 off your order at Diet-to-Go.

* Disclosure: I received a free week’s worth of meals to review. All raves are my own. I wouldn’t tell you I liked the food if I didn’t, indeed, like it.


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