It’s just not fair

I know, I know: No one said life was fair. Still, I want — no, need — to register my vigorous protest.

It ought to be physically impossible to have both wrinkles and zits.

Pimples at my age?Clearly, it’s not. I’ve developed a large, painful zit that’s driving me crazy. It sits right near my bottom lip — a hop, skip and jump away from a bunch of wrinkles. It’s mocking me, I know.

All my life, I’ve been relatively lucky with my skin. No acne and not too many zits. My pores aren’t too big and I don’t have oily skin. In fact, my skin’s gotten a bit dry since moving to Arizona.

But I’ve been lucky not to have a lot of pimples. That’s why when I do get one, it’s super annoying.

I’ll take care of it, though. I’m going to zap that sucker with toothpaste.

At least I hope that’s what I’m doing. Otherwise, I’ll feel pretty silly come morning.

Seriously. I’d heard dabbing toothpaste on a pimple dries it up or draws it out or something … and I was willing to do anything. I even looked it up online before I left the office so I could make sure I had the right kind of toothpaste. (I didn’t. Had to hit Safeway for some plain — not gel — stuff.)

I conveniently ignored the Google search results that said putting toothpaste on zits doesn’t work, zeroing in on the “natural home remedies” page instead. It also listed lemon juice and ice as ways to get rid of pimples. If I still wake up with the darn thing, I’ll try icing it.

Let’s get back to Safeway. Guess what else I picked up there? Chobani Flips.

That’s right — I finally found ’em somewhere other than Target. Better yet, they’re on sale, four for $5. The only bummer: They don’t have all the flavors. The selection was limited to key lime and almond coco loco. Not that that was much of a problem, since those two are my favorites. I picked up two key lime and one almond coco loco.

I’d eat more almond coco loco if it didn’t have so many WW PointsPlus.

Speaking of Points, my eating was decent today. I ended up consuming 6 FlexPoints on top of 33 daily Points. Unfortunately, I spent ’em all on sweets — M&M’s at my desk at work, and a root beer float made with diet root beer and vanilla frozen yogurt after work.

In the plus column, instead of eating the whole bag of M&Ms I got from the vending machine, I checked the serving size. Half the pack had 6 WW Points, so I halved the serving for just 3 Points. You should have seen me, separating the candies into four piles, then putting three of them back in the bag. I’m sure I looked ridiculous.

About as ridiculous as I look with toothpaste smeared over this cursed pimple, right?

At least I have more M&Ms in my desk drawer for later.

Vega Savi SeedsAnother snack I had today was new to me: A pack of Vega savi seeds from my Blend2013 swag bag.

According to Vega’s website, Savi seeds are gently roasted inchi seed snacks that come from star-shaped pods native to the Amazon rainforest. They:

  • Have 17 times more Omega-3 per ounce than wild Sockeye salmon
  • Are packed with complete protein
  • Are gluten-free

I started with the “karmalized” ones. Also in the box were plain and “cocoa-kissed” savi seeds.

They had an interesting flavor, to be sure. Not bad, just different. The single-serve bag had 4 WW Points.


2 responses to “It’s just not fair

  1. I was excited to see our Safeway started carrying Flips too! The only flavor they seemed to have was the Strawberry Sunrise…perhaps we should each load up and send each other the kinds our respective Safeways are lacking! 😉

    • Now there’s an idea. Have you tried the strawberry one? I’m kind of picky about strawberry-flavored anything.

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