WIAW: Actual Wednesday edition

4cbf2-wiawsensiblesnackingbuttonFor this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I thought I’d try something new: A roundup of what I actually ate on Wednesday.

Really it’s because I had a L-O-N-G night at work Tuesday, and by the time I got home, I had no energy or desire to blog. But let’s go with the novelty factor of a WIAW post featuring Wednesday’s eats, okay?

Now that I’ve had some much-needed sleep — and treated myself to an awesome, stress-busting massage — I feel much more like myself again. I even hit the sidewalk to get my Walk With Mel daily mile in today … for the first time in a week. But who’s counting? I’ve still logged more than 12 miles for the month of June, which isn’t too shabby for me.

Anyway, let’s get on to the eats, because I know that’s what everyone’s here for. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the WIAW party.

Pre-walk, I grabbed one of the brand-new bunch of bananas I picked up at Safeway after work last night. I have a bad habit of buying bananas, eating one or two, then letting them get too brown to eat straight-up. Then I stick ’em in the freezer for banana ice cream or smoothies … and the minute they’re frozen, I want a plain ol’ banana. The cycle begins again.

I can see why they named it "Dark Chocolate Dreams."

I can see why they named it “Dark Chocolate Dreams.”

This morning, I had a fresh batch, still just a tad bit green, because I buy ’em that way in hopes of eating more before they turn. I finally opened the jar of Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut butter that’s been sitting in my pantry for months now. Today’s banana was smeared with 2 teaspoons of that heaven in a jar.

OMG, what was I waiting for? Delicious. It just might be enough to make me get through a bunch of bananas without freezing any.

Thus properly fueled, I hit the pavement for a 25-minute walk that covered about 1.4 miles. Not a lot, I know — but much, much better than skipping it altogether.

When I returned, I showered up and took myself to Picazzo’s for a pre-massage lunch. (More on the massage in Thursday’s post. It was wonderful.)

Picazzo's comes through again.

Picazzo’s comes through again.

As usual, I ordered the lunch combo: slice of the week with a caesar salad. This week’s slice of the week was Thai Chicken. A tad bit spicier than I was expecting, but delicious nonetheless. Yes, I’d already devoured part of the salad before I remembered to stop and snap. Don’t judge.

After my well-deserved pampering, I headed to Starbucks to write with a friend. The iced latte I drank looks like a hundred other iced lattes I’ve photographed in the past, so you don’t get a picture.

On leaving Starbucks, I swung over to McDonald’s for a chocolate-dipped cone. I seriously reconsidered once I’d pulled into the parking lot — even circled the lot while I dithered. I didn’t really NEED a cone, after all and I’d be better off if I just drove right on through and headed home.

Yep. This happened. Again. Delicious, as always.

Yep. This happened. Again. Delicious, as always, even if I should be giving up sugar.

In the end, I went ahead and got one anyway. I figured that if I denied myself now, I’d just end up eating twice as much later (like making a Sonic run at 11 tonight). The cone is 6 WW PointsPlus, after all. A milkshake from Sonic (or McDonald’s, for that matter) would be more than twice that many.

Dinner hasn’t happened yet. My current plan is this Diet-to-Go hamburger/veggie meal, which I pulled out of the freezer this morning. But I’m thinking about going to see “This is the End” at 6, and that leaves dinner up in the air.

Doesn't look like much in its wrapping, but you had me at "Angus beef patty."

Doesn’t look like much in its wrapping, but you had me at “Angus beef patty.”

If I do eat it, I’m sure it’ll be delicious. I haven’t had a Diet-to-Go meal I disliked yet, and I doubt this is going to be my first.





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